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More from the nba the new york knicks in search of another head coach they dismiss had man jeff hornicek as woes reports management gave him the word following their season finale against the cavaliers won a second one year left on his contract in two seasons with the knicks he went thirty one and fifty one and twenty nine up and fifty three down this past season the knicks of firing jeff hornicek on the market for a new head coach more baseball we talked about the brawl in beantown well there was another one by day hi dr out clear here is a malay on the infield knowing a had a bulb go behind him he threw his helmet down ran toward the pitchers mound perdomo through slow down benches cleared here come the bullpens as well players right in the middle of this trying to keep peace they were trying eight fifty kale a benches clearing the rock six two four win over the padres nolan aeronautical charges the mount after being hit by luis perdomo it sailed actually behind him in the third perdomo through his glove at the charging aeronautical but failed to land either of the two punches he threw buttblack skipper of the rocks you know hey listen nolan reacted i mean it was a ball from behind his head and he reacted you know i'm sure the t felt that that was intentional and he wasn't going to have it are you worried about suspensions for your guys especially looks like with par and nolan i'm sure there'll be something that will that will happen in due time i'm sure i'm sure the.

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