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Learn more about showman Rogers, business and financial services at showman Rogers dot com. 5 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s to the WTO traffic center. Here's Jack. All right, the crew is wrapping up in Virginia trying to get towards Centreville on 66 westbound out near the fairfax county Parkway the work that had gone all the way out toward 28 in the clearing stages they're back near exit 55 with just the left lane getting by. And again, clearing 66 east, good, Gainesville east toward Rosalind. There's trouble inside the beltway blocking the ramp to exit 72. You're going to find unfortunately a vehicle at overturned on that ramp. So at this point, you'll find 66 east, the ramp to 29 spot run Parkway blocked. Now our police activity remains in Alexandria along route one, the closure remains between Lockheed boulevard and forts and road Boswell avenue. You'll find that blocked kill further notice. 95 little crowded north Penn and woodbridge, the only slight delay between basically Fredericksburg and Springfield. Good-looking early ride along three 95, leaving the beltway north up toward the 14th street bridge. Headed into the district required on the freeway, third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95, I two 95, these street in northwest westbound closed between 15th street and New Hampshire avenue that had been overnight utility work. Looking pretty good early in Maryland, we had trouble in Waldorf, there was erect north on leonardtown road route 5 near piney church road, blocking the right lane. You'll find the bellway is good to go through Montgomery and prince George's counties. No worries yet out of Frederick, two 70 south, still looking good between the valleys, both 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving. From oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services. Visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you. Jack, Taylor, WTO, P traffic. And your forecast from WTO meteorologist Chad Merrill. Clouds giving away to lots of sunshine, a gorgeous day with temperatures near 60°. Tonight we'll drop into the upper 30s downtown with upper 20s in the suburbs that northwest breeze will pick up just a little bit,

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