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Well, let's take you honest. You know, Janice had to win two and VPs. I don't. I don't see that Janice. Get as much love as a k d or as of Russell Westbrook or a James Harden, or he who shall not be named. I don't think the honest gets as much love from his peers as you might expect. And if he does now, it's only because he's won multiple M v P I think Manu Ginobili in some part in Tony Parker. Went through this now They were never the level of player and that's why it's tough to Manu Ginobili was not the level of player that Nicole Yokich is or Janice's Ruka, dance your chest. I think you're honest, Luca. Nicole. Yo, kids, you notice that those guys are quick to praise each other. Because, while I agree with Paul Klee's point overall I do think in their little circle. Remember Yanis raving. About Yokich at the All Star Game. They have an unbelievable amount of respect for each other. It's a two way street. Luca is the same way with Yokich and Johannes. I think this is An American versus Non American. Saying more than anything else. I think that's number one on the list, and I think number two on the list is what Aaron pointed out that Nicole Yokich is does not play an appealing brand of basketball and basketball players themselves are still fans of the game. They still like to watch. And I'm sure they don't watch many Nuggets game. I would say those are the two per Bailey read. Why maybe Nicole Yokich? Uh, doesn't Get the love. Uh um. From the seven or nine as a lifelong Cleveland fan. I'll always love the who shall not be named for bringing a championship home, but I can't wait for him to retire. I think the league will be better. For it. Yeah, And we've seen this. We have evidence. Based on ratings. Saying that the appetite from the general sports and basketball fan is enough. Of that guy in L. A I'm not saying that they want him completely out of the way. But we have seen him at the top of this game and be this black. Hold this vortex just All the conversation in the league around him. And we're seeing that the the NBA playoffs without him. Are some of the highest rated ever. And I think that tells you a lot. About the appetite to move. Just again. He doesn't have to be out of the way. Just his time to rule the league needs to be over. He can stick around and he could be a villain, and he can You know, he's still a box office draw. You know, I'm not saying he needs to retire. I'm just saying we need the NBA will be better off. Moving forward without him dominating the league. And this late in the playoffs. They're being teams like Milwaukee and Atlanta, and even the Clippers and the Phoenix sign. 5229872. There are some thoughts on Montreal in Tampa. I want to get to here in a little bit. So if you text about the hockey game, hey, type as you can. I will get to those in a little bit. And some other theories about why Nicole Yokich isn't embraced as much by his NBA superstar brethren. But I want to get to my next guest on time because the big news of the day is And I l baby. Name, image and whiteness. If your college athlete you can profit off of those three things, the floodgates are supposedly opened. Has there been a flood of college athletes cashing in? I will ask Jeremy Evans. He is the host of believe in sports law and the believe podcast network and he is a sports lawyer, and he will join me next. Another day. Another unknown It could bring your biggest order yet, or.

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