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The wealthiest Americans are getting richer during the Colbert nineteen pandemic at a time when as many as twenty two million Americans have filed for unemployment a report from the institute for Policy Studies says the combined wealth of America's billionaires has increased by nearly ten percent since the start of the pandemic Wall Street overall may have been on the decline but tech and stay at home stocks have rallied this means that the net worth of eight of those billionaires including Amazon's Jeff Bezos and zoom co founder Eric Yang have seen a billion dollar jump on their network statements in just a few weeks on Jan Johnson Steve doll Caskey a hard throwing wild left hander whose minor league career inspired the creation of new cloud Lucian bull Durham has died he was eighty dot Caskey never reach the major leagues but was sent to thrown well over one hundred miles an hour I'm in Kate's the National Weather Service today a sixty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms partly sunny and a high near seventy three tonight showers likely possibly a thunderstorm mostly cloudy and a low near fifty two tomorrow a slight chance of early morning afternoon showers mostly cloudy with a high near sixty four tomorrow night mostly clear with a low around forty six Monday sunny and a high near sixty nine and Tuesday mostly sunny with a high near seventy five I'm JD what W. G. O. W. message brought to you by people's home equity and your money your money want you to hear this get ready to refinance we live in a world full of ups and downs that goes for mortgage rates as well right now if your rate is four percent or above you may want to consider refinancing there's money on the table and it's money you could be saving money for the savings account money for kids college money for that project around the house whatever.

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