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Rose about fifty two percent last year. That's how they ended up on SPD's last along with those six other neighborhoods, including Ballard downtown Soto pioneer square, Georgetown and south park, which is where we spoke with some folks about those emphasis patrols and what they noticed over the weekend. Did you see more officers? I did I noticed some more patrol cars and just kind of watching more displease roaming around that. And that's good. Their presence help. Did you notice a difference? We really didn't it makes me feel safer. It's tough to feel. Feel comfortable even if you see police you felt unsafe. You do they're always concerned about keeping it safe. Do you wanna see more officers on the streets at your neighborhood? Absolutely. Those emphasis patrols are schedule. As through the end of the month. People worried about safety and some Seattle neighborhoods are going to get their chance to sound off about that. Tonight in Ballard the downtown Seattle associations hosting public safety forum starting at five at the Nordic museum on market street. The meeting comes on the heels of a report commissioned by business owners showing a systematic failure to deal with about one hundred repeat offenders across the city a state trooper had to be hospitalized after being hit during a traffic. Stop in Everett last night. The trooper was in his vehicle when he was struck by another car that drifted onto the shoulder that driver was taken to the hospital with a broken nose. And then is going to be held on suspicion of DUI the ten year old parkland girl who was badly injured in a hit and run on Saturday is recovering in the hospital. Komo's Keith Eldridge. Reports the vehicle police are looking for maybe a Nissan Pathfinder missing its front grille. This is the Caitlyn Rogers as described to us, and she is just a fun. Loving kid. Always a smile on her face Palin is a fifth grader at the core. Deo school in Tacoma. She is doing well. In the words of her mom, she's handling it like a champ family friends raising money to help the family through this and wearing green armbands this armand's signifies Caitlyn's, one of her favorite colors and the color of the shirt. She was wearing that day, which is of her track team. It is what the driver of the issue. I think Kaitlyn is a child.

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