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Eat these beans okay. The history of boston baked beans is still something that interests folks clearly in twenty twenty so last year. Meg muck in house and i hope. I'm not totally buttering. That published the truth about baked beans in edible history of new england. And this is where. I got a lot of my new england. Food fags but also They she was very instructive for me of like. We don't know about this native american big beans myth and everyone's telling it and i was like i'm so glad i found this thing because i don't wanna let you down and yeah Baked beans had been losing sales for a few years as Trends in fresh foods have been increasing but then saw a pretty serious uptick during the cove in nineteen shutdown being an inexpensive and shell staple comfort food. Yeah that makes sense to me and i. I'm interested to see if i run into them this weekend. I.

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