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Two plays of the night total up double up the first one is this thanks as they strike for six on the first possession of the game eleven fifty three to go in the opening quarter the jets are on top really one fifty eight point three quarterback rating sand sand sand sand sand come on man we are highlights all over the you got a jam Sam Darel down my throat again that's really only the precursor the real play all right is this if you remember the story about Damon she he just happy wide receiver twenty four years old was a Phoenix college standout who spent his last money to train at the NFL combine and then he slept in the streets he would like a live outside browse head quarters and and and kept ask them give me a chance to try out give me a chance to try out we have this story four months ago sure it works in a facility in Miami yeah I was like come alive right right he wanted you let me try out let me travel to try out the guy really was he was sleeping on the streets because he had no money at his trial with the Browns well it well enough to browse okay that's nice will bring you to camp and you thought that's where the nice heart warming story would end not so fast watch this one with interests that back translating sit and let puts it out DJ Montgomerie almost blocked it back pedaling she he just separates got it at the fourteen juggled that we serve a twenty twenty five forty Browns radio network on the call I mean he really got into the open field much earlier than the twenty yard line but yeah look at this I mean I don't think anybody on the.

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