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Communications director kate. Betting field talks about making history on the first all female senior white house. Communications team ever. And if president biden's calls for unity will fall on deaf. Ears plus actor writer and producer keegan. Michael key is taking you through a legacy of laughter with his history of sketch comedy. Welcome back bevy. Smith worn a lot of different hats and she's adding author to her resume with a new book. That's part memoir pie self help manual. It's called bev relations lessons from a mother on best e. Please welcome when the great women on the planet the fabulous bevy smith. Hey welcome to be joy europe. I yeah hey bevy. So you know like me. Whoopie and sunday urine native new yorker and you often talk about the strong sense of identity. You carry with you from growing up in harlem. What did it teach you it to grow up in new york or to grow up in harlem that grow up in harlem meant that i have a very strong sense of self a culture of my community and my legacy which really helped me when i went into the lily white world of high end fashion and advertising and knowing who i was and i was more than enough i was really helped me. Climb that with atl. Bevy there can be a real contradiction between what people see. And what's really going on behind the scenes of someone's life in one thousand nine hundred nine. You're the beauty and fashion advertising director at vibe magazine. And you were in milwaukee for the. Men's fashion shows surrounded by gifts from the major fashion houses at a beautiful hotel. And you had a breakdown. What brought you to that moment. What brought me to. That moment was back that i looked around at this fabulous like guy had built myself that i have been climbing towards his eighteen years old and i get there and i feel like it's not enough i feel like is this all there is and then i woke up. I realized that. I had to do something to change my life. I have to pivot. Had to reimagine my life. And i had to get to a place of creativity umbrella and that got the best. My happiness. lar- bevy. I love your new book. You've written it. It's called bev relations. It's about your career life lessons. You've learned along the way and you write about your incredible dad who i know passed away from complications due to covid in april twenty twenty. And i'm so sorry about that. You know we know. This virus has deeply impacted so many on many levels people out there may feel stuck maybe in their jobs and their personal lives but feel like. They can't do anything because they can't go anywhere. And i know that you have advice for some people that are in that situation. Yeah you know. Many of us are stuck in the house when we can't go anywhere but that's actually a great time to we imagine in reinvent yourself in your life. You know one of the best things i ever did. When i quit my job at rolling stone magazine was i took up of classes. The tar creek classes improv classes on you know of screen writing classes. Anything that had interested ever. I really try to pursue that to figure out what it was. I wanted to do and advise in to do that. And as a matter of back pay for my courses by the we now know you can go on youtube or any number of online courses in their low cost or sometimes often free. But it's a great time right now to make that hit in your life because many of the jobs that we once had on that coming back you guys were talking about the coal industry you know. Those jobs are not coming. Back is a lot of jobs. Restaurant workers many of those restaurants to close grabber. What did you do next. And now's a great to explore the things that you've always been passionate about things that people said. Oh you really good at that. Think about exploring those things. I love that advice and you also give the view of very gracious shot out in the book. Thank you you also drop many pearls of wisdom which i love personally. This is such great advice. You you write what others say or do has nothing to do with you. That's their own nightmare. You don't have to share in it just like they don't have to share in your dream. Why can it be so difficult to get into that head space. I think that we live in a world where of what people will leave about about. Us is something that we oftentimes absorb. Mvp begins believe with ourselves. Social media is a big problem out. Big part of that problem. But i have found in my life that it's very important to know who you are and for me. That's why i am at my call in my book. I talk about where you at your core. How you being received. How would you like to be receive and for me. I had to get a little brown very little girl from harlem who was curious empathetic in adventurous. Add to get back to her in order to have this new lack that i have. That's actually become very successful at the very real rocky story. So you entered a new chapter at the end of your book address. In twenty twenty namely the pandemic in race relations since the protests took place for george for george floyd and black lives matter. So and it's been a difficult year all around. let's face it. Are you hopeful that the events of the past year will lead to any kind of change lasting change that we so sorely need in this country cautiously optimistic. You know we look at what happened on january six. Then that means that we're in trouble right the as naturally turn on but then i also look at biden harris. I do bill very much. Like they're gonna make changes. I know we will talk about executive orders earlier..

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