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Moves himself into the top five. What a great pass by Alexander Rossi. I was thinking Joseph New Garden on those Reds. The top four of blacks. Rossi, also of blacks and Joseph, New Garden, unable to take advantage, So move Alexander Rossing that fifth position back up front. Graham Ray Hall, your leader. As the exits turn Number seven. He has a four colleagues advantage over at Joe's Jack Harvey in third. So check The pace of Graham Ray Hall as we talked about a little bit more ginger on fuel, perhaps, but he has Jones behind him. And then it's Jack. Harvey. They are really spaced out right now. Let's call it three car links between each of them in the fourth place. Runner is Alex. Polo is everybody works their way cleanly. Now through turn number 10. Maybe what you think about that Move by Alexander Rossi. Yeah, Great. Great past. We've seen that earlier in the Indy lights raised by Kirkwood, where two drivers that kind of tangled up down there and turn one or 25 position. The third one just passing them. Both did a great job on that a little bit of a brave move, but he made it work didn't touch anything. Anybody leaders are exiting tournament three. Yeah, Everything's starting to settle down as Graham Rail has about four car length advantage over edge. Does Harvey's there and then it's Alex below. In that fourth position. Rossi fifth that it's Joseph. New Garden. Six Got. Dixon is seventh and a couple of Carl Expect to Takuma Sato. But grab rail guys thus far. Good. Restart. Good second lap as we went back to Green battle might be for second, though, Jake worry as Jack hardly started to pressure at Jones. Jack Harvey, looking in on edge, Jones call it to Carly. We keep an eye on that. Scott McLaughlin also Made a Rossi type move on that last lap coming into turn number one that got him past Potter award Significant from a point standpoint, that puts McLaughlin into the 13th position. Speaking of award more on him for Brian Marine Yeah, Jake. Just before he got passed by Scott McLaughlin. He came over the radio and said, We need power. Then McLaughlin pulled up alongside and past him and he said, What's going on? It seems that we're checking on it, but possibly something amiss with the power delivery for the five car, Michael. Here comes Alexander.

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