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A total I was GONNA try right here to his schedule heritage Wednesday night. And I'm doing this. I don't know how long it will be tonight but I'm GONNA try to keep to this one Sunday schedule started with Lost at one point in time just gave up on the schedule so tomorrow so at five. Thirty am eastern standard time. My might cause pods interview will hit the air. So I encourage you all to listen to it in a few can possibly donate to the five. Oh One C. Three that I allocated which would be unmasking. Hope Air Christians documentary that he's making on trauma That would be awesome If not once the once it's up I will share everywhere in if you guys could share it everywhere as well So people are aware of you. Know me now my podcast as well as Eric in his dream of getting this documentary out there that would be fantastic. I lost contact with some of my other guests who are just killing it out there. Joni decamp Lee young girl killing it out there on Amazon prime. I'm so proud. OUGHTA her and Good Trevor Henderson. Writing series of books now in regards to being dyslexic in business. I'm proud proud of you travel. I am so so proud of you. My other guests are all slated in their own way You know bill out doing all kinds of interviews and astill L. is promoting her new EP on my name is freedom and Jackson is out there doing his wrestling thing. They're all they're all doing super well so I love my guests and I just Kinda WanNa say that like I really do pick and choose have on his show. I could pretty much have my pick the litter of people that want to be on the podcast just beyond the podcast but because I respect my audience and myself so much I picked people that I know are going to enhance our lives and actually add some value to us in Gained some information and some advice some wisdom so that we can have better lives okay so with that aside and also anything else GONNA be dropping before back on the air so again Friday. I interviewed David. Woods Bartley That will I will drop that probably on Friday. Although I don't know I might hold until Sunday and have Sunday be like interview you day. Where the interviews dropping Wednesday be my day you know what's going on with me still trying to work it out but I think that might be the worst idea possible so there's been a kind of it's kind of a weird day today all around? Not just with me but it seems like in the general population. There's some Malays Malay's going on and I don't know if it's all part of the Kobe. Bryant tragedy has to do with the corona virus pandemic terror scare thing. They're trying to put through on US false flag. I hope not so sure about that Maybe they have a reason for scaring turning to death you know maybe it really is that bad. I don't WanNa find out but it's just a general sense of sadness to with people people crying for no good reason. Just everybody's a little bit down people don't WanNA. Actually you know socialize much. I and I did my interview today with the melancholy conditioned with Dario Salak squads. After that I went want to find people to hang out with and it was impossible. Nobody around so so I started to think about you. Know my symptoms of what I was feeling because there wasn't really depressing wasn't really managed but I was really feeling. I was feeling alienated in a way disconnected from society. And that's part of another cohabitating diagnosis. I had noticed that I have with the bipolar which is borderline personality disorder which sound horrific really does doesn't borderline borderline of what were aligned to wear. What does that mean like borderline crazy normal? Actually really still don't know why they call it borderline on personality disorder. It's horrible name anything but I have been noticing that I've been feeling very abandoned abandoned by people even though I know the around and are truly needed anybody I could get people to hang around with me and help me and stuff but I know that when I'm feeling though it's it's real it's a tiny bit illogical so I'm not going to act on it I'm also in this thing that is called black and white thinking it's all one way or the other all good or all bad there's no in between there's no neutral definitely feel that and I I have to keep that at bay because I could make enemies in a heartbeat when I'm feeling like this when there's no reason to because it's just my perception it doesn't actually have anything to do with with any other people except for what's in my own head. This got me on a lot of trouble when I was growing up up until I was about forty and still did because I didn't want to accept the borderline diagnosis but I'm pretty sure that that's part of what the DT helped with the dialectical behavioral therapy. I went through man over ten years. Go now but helped me rethink helped me rewire my brain. And the way that I present things to my brain is a good way to put it so instead of thinking. Oh my God everybody's against me I think. Wow everybody's really busy such different spin right. And it doesn't make it so much that you are bad person or the undesirable or anything like that and it doesn't leave anybody else in a bad light because it justifies. What is really probably be happening that everybody's very busy and you just like needing a accompanied because you're feeling abandoned by people which are two of the highlights of borderline personality disorder order? I was remember some of the other ones. But those are the two prevalent wants for me and they're really standard out today. I mean guaranteed. There's some people that I really really WANNA. It'll be around breasts. Who's going through his own shit right now? I can't get into because I honestly don't know exactly what is going on with him so all I know he's not abandoning me. And I know that if I really needed him that you know he would pull himself out of his cocoon and he would he would come and hang with me. I know this. He's my best friend. Best friend so. It's just part of the diagnosis part of the disorder. That even the like a hollow although I had this the thing is when I was first diagnosed with borderline personality disorder years before I got the the bipolar. I Pol Diagnosis Bella to about two issues beforehand and I went to a yield I was in Connecticut. I went to a university study. 'cause I was sure that I was schizophrenic. Actually is what I thought was wrong with me and they gave me this one hundred. Two hundred question question questionnaire a couple of other ones but the you know the iconic when I can't think of the name of the top of my head but I think we've all taken at one point in time for a job interview or an I catastrophes a psychological exam I'm pretty sure I'd taken something similar to that in high school and I've taken it many times now after so they scored. It came out to the waiting room to tell me will. Actually they brought me into room to tell me and when they told me the diagnosis that taking Borderline personality disorder. I thought my life was over. I didn't know what it was still. I mean I understand what it is. I understand I have tools in coping skills now so that it doesn't affect my life as much as it did before I understood what it was all about. Of course in the but It was devastating diagnosis to hear that. I mean I'm thinking am I associate path now. Does that make be psychopathic. or or I mean. I was Kinda grateful that I wasn't schizophrenic. However some some of the some some of the attributes to the symptoms of it then mimic schizophrenia just like bipolar one disorder? When you are like totally off the chain Manic It's similar to being schizophrenic. So you know I feel that but anyway so in the afternoon I mean after the interview I was just Kinda just biding time. Seriously I knew I was I. It wasn't scheduled to do this tonight but I knew that I had said I was going to start doing a Wednesday Sunday. If I WANNA get serious in this with sponsors and stuff like that. I really need to adhere to schedule. So this is gonNA CBS guys. I think Sunday's DRP interviews in Wednesday's are going to be catching up on me. And then if anything really significant happens between authorities showing. I think that's a good that idea So I kind of thought see how that stuff goes tiny manic Not Hispanic as I have been in my own opinion which other people may not agree with however it is what it is so anyway. That's a little bit about another one of my diagnoses. As in how it's affecting me today I know all my thoughts are extremely irrational. That all the people who love me still love me that I'm a good person that everything is cool. People are just digesting something or just a general feeling in the air that everybody was just a tiny bit down in isolating. It happens happens. So listen for the cause pods drops tomorrow five thirty eastern time. You don't have to wake up at five thirty two here. I'm certainly not going to wake up. At what time would that be three thirty Arizona time three thirty. Am to doing that. So somebody you gotTa beat to the Punch Stolt ruin it for me okay. Don't tell me the ending. Oh Gosh there's a lot Kabanov inaugural through date some of the time because there's nothing pending right now except for David Woods Bartley Friday but I'll probably drop it on Sunday so that's another little bit of update on me. Let you know a little bit more about me where my head is at in. What mentality is Did I tell I. Did the bill collie conditioned to Dario allows allows quiz. I think he told me. That's going to drop leap day. Twenty nine February which. I'm excited about because I wanted to have something happened for for me a leap day. So thank you for making that happen. Okay I knew there was something else I wanted to get in you. That's it all right so this is to start sharing. This is my podcast dancing with bipolar. Hey let's stay alive alright. Later.

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Dario Salak, David Woods, Amazon discussed on Dancing with Bipolar

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