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We're live from zinn burger here in Morris Plains, New jersey on what is turned into a day. That's gorgeous outside. For Jobe definitely, you know what I forgot to mention that we alive for the ever traveling black based studio that follows us, wherever we go black bears Blackbird deli. Choose, of course only shop. It back. Wt screaming my ear about that Absopure your, your weight back at those dog. You're right. Dove is probably disappear. You know what those able to be about the black bed, I didn't say, I think what he's got Lougee there. This is an opportunity for dole to kind of take a half a day off an opportunity say I look at that point to this. This is nobody's there, not here. Right. So you'd have to worry about that. There's nowhere spits anymore. I don't have to worry about that. Actually, both Luke stubby. Her say. Did you did not say and I remember that of you drop the ball? I know seriously at all, but you book sales over. And he didn't get called for jury duty today got away with. So you won't call again tomorrow. Do dolphins lady to jury just say, hey, everybody. Hey, everybody. It's not try. I hate these people don't people. I hate that. You thought to worry about but show should believe in a jury system. You have to be willing to work. You hate these those people say when you were young to ever want to do. I think at some point you are. No, because the first time I ever got called for jury duty. I wanted to get on hurry. Because it got me out of work for week. Well. The while you sit there you like okay? What about? Now. What about seven of actually being on a jury? I never got on. I Joe is actually you are. Yes. How did it go to trial? Yes. Well, you want a grand jury not a great. One was in queens. And was actually a drug case people here you delve right now. Yes, I hope so. The button, where no one could hear him. No. Now W big mistake by him. Go ahead. We're listening baited drug case and one was a parking accident. I see I got called for jury, and the problem was were about to go into the room and as we get into the room. I'm all excited. I'm putting up. Our this is gonna watch political career. I was at shoora and then the judge says, thanks for coming, they settled you can go home now. What, what, what are you going to you like five dollars for we had was, it was nothing? I said, I was excited about that opportunity is going to be fun, and it never happened. So the guy stood there, sat there for a long time thought I was getting there and it just it didn't go down. But good luck to you. And I told you what happened I told you yesterday last Negga called on a jury had one of my relatives. Did you? Somebody who is well, basically lazy Americans something really, really unhappy. Well, I won't say who I think that. Okay, let's get back to your calls live from New Jersey. John is calling from Brooklyn, New York. John, john. How are you what's up? John. I got dumb with you. But like with the jet, yes. That's good. Interviewing, I think I think IRA guy. That's why. Or my views. What's that? Maybe don't interview Matt, whatever his name is in the niche meta. You know what I tell you right now. Seriously? I right now I wouldn't even higher GM now I would say gays you'll run into team. Let's see where you can know. That's what Christopher Johnson. If I'm not. GM. You've got rid of the energy and let you too, man. Let's see. I great. Let's go. I think I read Adam cases, conducting the interview I'm sure that Adam geishas running the interview so he's he is, of course, as gazes running the interview..

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