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Put a straightjacket on it. Throw it in. The water expected to swim. It can't it won't happen. The Earth is in a virtual straightjacket right now is climate during all those licensed systems are being completely hampered from top to bottom. This is if we can stop one could bring the climate engineer July it would and caused shockwaves around the globe. The I think it would topple governments around the globe power structures around the globe because people in understand. They're not only expendable their liability to our structure. The two if we can stop the climate injuring the planet could respond. The hydrological cycle increase radically would not have retracted. Drought through the West. Boy Enforce Dying boreal forest. Instead of absorbing carbon emitting carbon we would have a radically increased hydrological cycle because the atmosphere holes seven percent were moisture for every degree warming. Variety is the planet's response mechanism. The guests the more it rains the more acid in the rain. As there's more to so you have you have a carbon stimulant there as long as the soil of minerals will support that extra growth but that's the planet's response mechanism. It has to be around to happen insurance. I fully agree with you the moment they stop spraying here in fact we stopped for a little bit in the spring and there was accused of life coming up because the rain was falling was tainted with aluminum in life. If you mean wants to respond just can't take the constant poisoning and the disruption of license system. So I I agree with your point. I mean if this has has been my mantra must stop these programs and allow the planet Tucson. Well Dane I totally respect. Backed an honor. What you are doing? And you know we just have to keep educating more and more of the masses to be on the same same page so we can stop this insanity adult. That'd be my appeal to everyone. You can't walk away from this truth in if you do then you bear the responsibilities well for what unfolds and in too many people I mean from environmental groups as outlined to even many many religious institutions. I've I've visited discussed this issue with a lot of churches in your state with pastures. Who initially wanted to nine even accept data from me because they just weren't interested? I was able to shame most of those groups into accepting the data ended a a their own. Scripture does not allow deterred a blind eye if you will and so that type of avoidance. Denial must be overcome in all of us. We need to understand that. This is not something you you sit the bench on. Everyone is needed in this fight. Absolutely everyone if everyone together we will it just to wire day and and if we can do that I believe the dolphins would fall. We'll be able to bring it to a halt in if we can do that. It's the greatest sleep in the right direction in the human race can take right now on that note. Do you think it would be a good idea. to approach churches. I'm absolute speaking for myself. you know because like you said they can't turn you away in New Jersey. They try when you must remember is a lot of the masters Churches are more worried about their five zero one nonprofit then they are facing what needs to be face and if that's the case the name need to be exposed and held accountable for not being willing thing to share this truth with their congregations. Serving climate engineering is the epitome of bad stewardship for planet earth. The absolute absolutely so. Yes Jesuit question of this is it's evil is what it is but anyway I I. I know that we could go deeper into some other subjects and Kim. Do you have any other questions. I think we're pretty well. Covered the Waterfront Cheryl Dan You did a magnificent job of pointing out the urgency That this requires the which is It's just. It's really hard to believe in hard or to imagine but you put it in in the terms that makes it real as far as I. Can you know listening listening to you. And your your past interviews excetera and all the steady you've done. There's absolutely no doubt I. I just wonder how long it will be but you know what I don't wanNA wonder I want to take action and I want everybody that I know to be aware aware this and take action. Because that's what's going to take a one point. I can make a right. I didn't cover for people need to understand. There's there is much more to June hearing in saying Horizon Horizon trails on otherwise clear day. If you're not looking at blue sky and white clouds if you're looking ed other colors is silvery white sky or these cobweb clouds. There are so many aerosols near people. Don't even know blue-sky looks like anymore so so again. People should not be deceived. The fact that this is not just the in your face trails. Most climate goes on. Above existing Aerosol canopies. Abbes where the jets aren't so visible in the clouds. Tend to melt together where you don't see the Blue Verizon or if you see a white cloth the rise blended with a white background you could barely make it out. If you don't see blue sky and white clouds you have an atmosphere full of aerosols which is almost all the time because people need to understand that really the beginning you know of looking up. Pay Attention and appreciating the beauty that we do have but when it's corrupted with with this this human infusion of control it's it's out of control so but thank you so much Dane for finally coming on our show here and I will continue my drive and Spirit towards this us in all my interactions and thank you. Dain she be doing in the sky. We've had very ruled you got mice just trying to keep up and and Phone for a day so she you working with this absolutely so much jake in four weeks so rapidly to three hours a day sometimes just trying to keep ahead develops Richard Way Right. Well I'm talking about it whenever I have an opportunity. Unity in fact I I have a party to go to tomorrow and she asked me specifically to talk about it. Do you see any pattern deign to areas Ah Bacteria seem increasingly glow. Hello the last two three months and of course. The activity varies depending on weather pattern. The interesting I'm trying to set up so we certainly seek assistance us. They will not let it right here in West They continue to keep wage. You're going parts that he appears to be related to what's happening in the Arctic since this long conveyor of Vince offer all interrelated. So Oh it's just a matter of connecting those Dasa meantime ever weather channel trade. Explain away a lot of things like Today was eighty five live the shores near rate mission. Eight eight five wiretaps thirty six degrees and thirty seven degrees and yet the lake superior still fold ice in there where channel spent considerable time trained explained. How did they explain? How could they explain it? You know they just mentioned. It will generally year. We already know that I should be floating around on. You know when you come about seventy five down ice folders. The Great Lakes experience in the last three years were also chemical is negotiation S. cargo whether channel tried to cover up rationalize and stuff to do but if you actress excludes cliffs cruelty unprepared to try to explain it away the somewhere I appreciate it. Thank you so much thank you both. Yeah yeah predate it so until next time take care guys thanks for everything. It's a pleasure. Ah Okay Great Day bye for now. 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