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You know in that the the fact that each chapter focuses pretty specifically on one aspect so the hillary chapters called to shrill that allow me to narrow down a particular line of inquiry as we've seen academia which lowered ziegler way of thinking about her which is the sound of her voice in how people reacting that then shed light on these other parts of how people reacted to her broadly mmhmmand the thing that's fascinating about her is it unites site in talk to vent of vocal experts like we use the word shrill to describe a woman speaking loudly in public and we turn them into a derogatory term in order to say women's shouldn't speaking tupacyeahso it's not just use sound bad but it's just like nonot now you speak women found that year empire a and the other thing that was really interesting to come to was this idea that charisma at least i we think of it in political terms in we talk about like brookeobamaso charismatic with their certain billclintonso charismatic there's certain male politicians so charismatic it's a male quality as we conceive of it right now now totally i mean like there was some days wherei would because i follow berniesanders for months and i got to know how he works in his supporters ally in the with behind berniesanders was like he so medicaremedicaidsocar's mad he's not whittier has made him away from the podium in the crowd yeahand like i'm not trying to shade bernier supporters at all so don't ask me foam don't do it but likely there there is a question to be raised about how we define and give in bestow the title of charismatic to who emme.

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