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And I'm just I'm looking forward to actually sharing it with you guys. And you know, I know all the stress in the anxiety of putting it together, we'll pay off when we're all in the room together feeling our feelings, and creating a sense of community. So I'll Eva that I'm excited, and I hope you guys come on. Sleep very much wanna meet you guys than just extend these conversations. So again, that's April thirteenth and link is in my bio on Instagram actually, put the link in our episode notes here as well. So you can check it out there. But to switch gears today's episode. I absolutely love this check. We literally will face time for hours and talk about everything. Like talk about relationships. We'll talk about mental health stuff. Just really nothing's off limits talk about sex, and she's amazing. And I really want you guys to get to know her a little bit better. And yeah, I don't really know. How else introduce her? But she's just amazing. And we should get started with it. Now, why wait any longer? So thank you so much Jacqueline. Welcome to the show. And I'm so so excited to finally have you on? So welcome Jacqueline to the show. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah. I've wanted you on like for so long and Amera when I watched John Ari season. And I was like she seems like someone I'd be friends with. And we are friends. Yes. And interesting it talking in this podcast format. I know right. It's it's always interesting. Like, you do watch the people on the show, and I always try really hard to not judge people based on what's shown and like there were definitely people from her season. Then I was like, oh, yeah. I think it'd be friends, and then I was like. I don't think. So I'm really glad that my judgment worked out well with you and that. We've been able to publish friendship. And honestly when people ask me now, they're like, oh like who? Do you keep in touch with from the show, and blah, blah. And I'm like, oh, you know, like I have my good girlfriends from my season. But like also Jacqueline is the bomb. I'm like I fucking love Jacqueline so much. I'm like people don't know like amazing. So I'm really glad to have you on. Finally. Thank you. Yes. So we there there's so many different topics. We could talk about, but I think maybe to kind of start off you have just on their process that I think a lot of our listeners can relate to and could maybe take some advice on I know. Hurting from a new year environment. Just okay. So some context on this episode today we were supposed to record like an hour ago. And then my neighbor cleaning upstairs had a cleaning service upstairs and was so loud..

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