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Her own life raised by wolves and have an effect plate catlin in it so that so come to should he reasons be jeff fuels mind reasons to be cheerful is yes today i you'll you'll trouble seemed so far will hear well yeah that there is a link catchily i do a show for american radio about the beatles and i will interview different people about the favorite people listen to a online through they care to subscribe era is on examined the state's okay i got to interview a national treasure about the beatles yesterday and what's more i got to go to his house and do it and it was none other than a former python michael palin half untius they it was just great and you know there are certain people who you just words have what about david attenborough i mean i know you wilkes you problems with the glue planet podcast now they've got those are your without abruzzo vr yet but michael palin i think is very much in that category in poverty was a little apprehensive think it a mike at what what if it's just all and act for the cameras and he could none of been nice a he was so wonderful went round is a beautiful house maggots meds untold fantastic stories about george harrison and said george harrison was great one forgiven him gifts so one time they had been out for a boozy mehler bob and at the end of the male george harrison gave him one of his oscars at the baiters within an oscar freire their hard day's night wherever it would have paid and aegis gifted michael palin is oscar and then some other time they were rounded giorgis you get the hint that that if you've got more than one of good to give the award away to someone who recently did widow of the wall i've told i got my certificate covered with accurate vow arrive of afghan the dime a label maker at i will put your day but what are the awards have this excellently told of i had our went through such a business with michael piling to arrange that with it not like say trump is two hundred dollars you'll say he was going to say did he say you do this podcast with the law de la have antara.

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