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We're tape heads going inside the coaching tape. And giving fans the answers regardless of what. The hierarchies folks need to be servants to the head coach. Listen to tape hats on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Coming up at the top of the hour entrenching news. We'll talk about vac attack of the viral video of the restaurant. Hostess being attacked in new york city. Also an entertainment news. The iheartradio music festival with big over the weekend in las vegas and one of the kings of comedy cedric cedric. The entertainer hosted the primetime. And these last night. We'll talk about all of these stories of our cromer right now. it's monday. It's time for church complaints. Reverend motown deacon def jam we full gale ospel dervishes as we reconcile with Reciprocity of engagement of do abilities. We carnivorous me. That's a new one. There postulate it away where we remind defoe remind fully mind full righteousness scammy with that loan af going komo pitchy late preaching me. Let us begin. Deacon with church complaints so hard to follow that gooey. Let's see here assistant. Princess banks. you know sister. Princess bank husayn jacoby slammed his dole after. She told him to clean his real. Let me just cut to the taste and her bail in set at five thousand dollars. He's being charged with arson. She burnt the whole dough down. Do we bail her out on a wet. Do we rebound. But that's just a that's just bailey. Centers five thousand five hundred. I'm gonna go get her out. We support these type of thing. Oh i remember. When i was a boy i slammed the door and i went to school and came home and the door would remove. Wait a minute to ho was completely and everything opening. It's painted look like a harsh wait. I no longer head privacy. The entire time. I stayed there so yes we will get a five hundred. Get out all right. Five hundred. Persist apprentice makes all right. Let's move right along. The roller skating ministry wants to use the parking lot for practice. But we got too many potholes in the parking lot. Not crazy legs on the roller skating. Minister said the The money you spend on your cigars. Monthly could pay to fix the parking lot now. I'm not getting the middle of that. But i'm just saying that's what Crazy laser saying. I you still crazy. Go to hail and now let's deal with resurfacing of the puck and lot. Oh crazy legs is. The only slim skater that we have to. She'll wait of the membership own skates and sister. Earlene crack the entire park and lot with new rollerblades. See you got to spread that weight out on four wheel when she put it on them rollerblades. She just cracked up that entire parking lot. Now we got servers that day. And what i want to say too crazy need is used omelette nearby. Everybody come only lots kate. Now we're gonna put a scale at the gate and if you over to fifty you can escape. That's all to it to fifty limit but it's who fidget rodas game in two zero. Nine people can come right now. Eight away here. They will be down to about said cutting the minister down past. I don't know a ministry roller skating. They call it a roller skating minister. Now i don't know if these getting a lot of went but they ministry dig it. I'm not going to say no move you would. It ain't what was you in case you want to know who on hauling it ails you. Why are you taking with me. No path listen to me. Did you see the movie. Gov did like when khalil. To- sunny awarded. Bring it to you the one that bring it to an issue not the one that i'm bringing it but i don't want you to kill a messenger at that's us in here with the complaint. Go you you do something about. I'll tell you we. Nothing do that. To fifty fifty weight limit rollers gaetan ministry. Our let me move right along. I know you wanna hear this or not. I'm brother larry elder wants to join the church to get close to black people yeah he. He came saturday and sunday and sat on on the pew in everyone move when he sat on it and then he ran up into the quad. Dan and everybody's not saying he wants you to make them like him now. I don't know if you can handle his pants. That's brother larry. He won't he won't think the best way to assume this is last week we were discussing. Larry elder would not we but they were discussing him on the morning. Show bath right. i'm jay anthony brown mita point. That really stuck with me. A homeless person. Who aig larry elder needed her now. You gots to be nothing for homeless person to hurl a whole meal at you. That could have sustained him for another day. He was willing to sacrifice another day of living in the words of row curve. Odgen won't to celebrate or another day or leaving won't to celebrate another day of live..

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