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Those they've got lanes taken down and then up in the high country around Tennessee we are seeing a lot of fog so that's causing some slow traffic in and out that area in both directions of I. seventy Bucks thirty one pinpoint weather type might see a little bit more rain a low of forty one degrees tomorrow rain in the morning possible and then it should start warming up high of seventy three currently forty three degrees I'm Darren Copeland on KOAA news radio one everywhere on the I heart radio app I heart radio goes one on one with Joe Perry from Aerosmith to get his thoughts on being inducted into the songwriters hall of fame one of those things you don't expect to happen I picked up the guitar for the beginning songs for the beginning of your ideas yes by surprise seven seas and it's going to be on that list that keep listening to I heart radio for more of their Smith and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Daryl hall to get the scoop on writing the song privatized I sat down to this little what was it chord organ and then I turned on the we had a little box full of Roland compu with which was this proto drum machine and it's a rock and roll one and I pressed a little Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick right and that was going around then I started playing on the organ boom for for profit for survival and I started doing that and it's still technically then and that is literally what you're hearing on the record so it it I've said this sounds pretty good pretty good I started one and then it then it I'm just.

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