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It sure doesn't feel like summer today does it tonight we dropped to fifty eight with a clear sky and cool conditions tomorrow ample sunshine again the high increases just slightly to eighty north flow will keep us below normal from your severe weather station I'm not first warning meteorologist Jennifer catch mark newsradio seven hundred WLW radar all clear it is sixty eight degrees right now it's three million dollars bond for Abby at Michael's the twenty one year old rain this morning on a slew of charges including murder vehicular homicide and OB I she's accused of driving the wrong way on I. seventy five near Dayton back on Saint Patrick's day she hit another vehicle head on killing three members of the Thompson family what we saw the date was exactly what's wrong with the criminal justice system here in Africa that state senator Cecil Thomas talking talking with channel nine it yesterday he's one of many supporters of former judge Tracey hunter there are now calls for an economic boycott in Cincinnati and dozens of demonstrators showed up to chant no justice no peace and black lives matter outside the home of judge Patrick Dickel locker last night all of this in response to Tracy hundred being ordered to start serving her six month jail sentence on Monday hunter was found guilty of having an unlawful interest in a public contract five years ago but her supporters say the only reason she's behind bars today is because she's black the Kentucky house has given its seal of approval to governor Matt Bevin pension plan the house narrowly passed the relief bill after more than three hour debate during a special legislative session the final vote fifty two to forty six the bill would give institutions like en que you the opportunity to opt out of the state retirement system and would freeze pension costs for one more year the bill now heads to the Senate where it is expected to pass time Ohio lawmakers plan to vote today on house bill six the legislation would give to Ohio nuclear plants roughly a billion dollars through twenty twenty six by adding to feed on to electricity bills in the state backers say the financial lifeline for the plants is needed to prevent them from closing within the next two years the measures already passed in the Senate the house takes a vote today on Wall Street a good day so far the Dow up eighty five points the nasdaq picked up fifteen in the S. and P. has gained seven Reds update red bull pen give up a four to one that lead late in the game they trailed by a run in the ninth with two outs and a runner on a U. hideous warez stepped up to the plate that said Dr hammered today plus one says yeah hall of Famer on the call that's was swore as his second home run of the the night it gave the Reds a six to five lead over the brewers they go on to win by the same score same two teams again tonight are pregame coverage gets underway at seven ten our next update at ten thirty Rick you Chaigneau newsradio seven hundred W. elderly and talk to your Walgreens pharmacist today Jake's for only two ninety nine a month ninety nine only a Jack Sweeney Chevrolet tri county Fox Sports go stream Reds baseball on Fox Sports Ohio and Fox Sports go and give yourself the best.

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