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Friday in i don't wanna no filmon yet input so funny he went to film school so he get said he's worked on a lot of sets before so luckily for me he's a very understanding guy but at the end of the day near 9 o'clock when the crews leaving our house he would look at me and go how do you do this every day this is off exhausting so i i think he's i don't know how to new level of appreciation for what i do through it well where do we want to go from here what are you oh that's the question of the hour they entered and i think you know so clever was traditionally built on the idea of you know we're creating entertainment news for this 'and serves demographic great where the number one entertainment news outlet on youtube what do we do next we segue and pivot into personality content were ours talent are the personalities that's going really well and i think at the beginning of 2017 we all came back i think a lot of us sort of were in the space of having this realization of like while i do have a lot of followers on social media while clever is doing really well we were growing so quickly what are we doing that's positive that's affecting the world in a bigger better way we have this big voice and we have this big opportunity to do something positive and i do think like aaron said people come to us to escape and to have fun and i think our content is really driven by this idea of what we stand for as a brand is do you be you with us whoever that is whatever that is this is a safe space to just have fun and be yourself with us because that's what we're doing and i think aaron theory that she produce was our first step into really creating a series that was.

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