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The men and women on the front lines of the corona virus pandemic the everyday heroes of the tri state area thank you seven ten W. O. R. the voice of New York and stations and we've got forty five degrees at two o'clock that afternoon I'm Jeff McKinney governor Cuomo says the number of new York deaths over the past twenty four hours stands are just more than six hundred that's the lowest number in a couple of weeks and the governor says the numbers of hospital admissions ICU admissions and innovations are all down the good news is it means we can control the virus right we can control the spread and we did not know for sure that we could do that we speculated that we could do it but we didn't know so now we know that we can control this disease and the governor today extending the stay at home order until at least may fifteenth he says restarting the New York economy is a delicate task you stop everything how do you now restart that machine in a coordinated way that doesn't drive up the infection right across New York state there are now two hundred fourteen thousand confirmed cases of corona virus and the death toll is at least twelve thousand red blouse yes as a trump administration had better come through if the nation's largest city is to recover from its coronavirus disaster mayor de Blasio says the only way out of the fiscal jam without sending back a recovery and causing what he calls immense human pain is through Washington when you look at the impact here anybody with a heart would recognize that the federal government has to come to the rescue for the current and next fiscal year the mayor says the city is estimated to lose seven point four billion dollars in tax revenue so he's proposing massive cuts include many youth and summer programs in the closure of pools and the beaches mayor I've been on Coney Island Coney Island on that beach many times hundreds of thousands of people packed tightly together like I don't see that happening anytime soon I'm Scott Pringle W. O. R. news governor Murphy today saying New Jersey public schools will stay closed until at least may fifteenth and he makes that announcement as the death toll continues to mount he says more than three hundred sixty new Jerseyans have died since yesterday three hundred sixty two.

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