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And going skinny to come home here with just six on and four nine and Jozies worked at a very Knauss three ward and cover multi Audie, Lucas and incapable just to pice at three dollars fifty gentlemen. Welcome back. Just a quick one. Thank the huge. Thank you to sell them in well to just before we left we put him in the head and asked him what he's best chances from he's stifled today. He has a stack runners folks brought these damn plays rice, straight Chanel less. He thinks is very good chance and in rice fav t trying also he thinks Google very close to winning. So that's at rice three Shimao less and rice five t trying in the Solomon while to we'll be adding to the that two year old that one yesterday is an absolute star. I think that's why you want to I think you'll continue with the print or I think I'd be backing you next. Odd as well. Wherever it goes, the guy, very good and Josie are just a big thank you from how you clearly fitting with all that information are on 'cause we got a new stinger fort. It's time to go round the boat. Good. Very good. Soldered about bit disappointed gossiping sting regarding Houston. Just goes look yesterday made. The bailing or Wilson tips in some widows yesterday. I I think if you can get black figured self since it is the process you would want. I think it's just the best jumper probably AustralAsia at the moment that he's Australasian Australia AustralAsia. Do anything black? You will back possible lock these horses. Well, I think the draw these tragedies. Jeez. I think it sit up pundits say these on the form guide. But it was photo is twenty into TuTo is ten at a Bank. It was scratched at the gates. You want say that on your phone? It was completely off the map. It's a really good camp. We'll clock. And or I think it's the homeless debate. Audie lucas. I think it's been set up for these rice at football, his eighty second pope Russkoe. He's a very good trainer in the lost Willie Pawlak. Oh, I think you'll be getting a winner at the boo. These is an absolute Byrd three dollars forty. I want everything on it or I can get it is going to be winning northern Rua. They go is they have the same confidence levels of at your tips tonight that might be much after what he spent at the drip trial. Let me tell you. Today, the boomers involving very well from one. Put you in the Josie year, the best you we love you. The closet here on full key allies between her the talk and the bottom white win was Beller at Cup in the south these track and trip. Now, all of the three runs is timing at group three and group to level. She's had a five week fresh in she'll sit back off a NAS. It'll be and I think she'll be hard to be incapable. We caught up with him in Wadi as a couple of little concerns, but just going to get a bit process with all of that in Kepa. He's being cherry rotten and trying for these rice. We're shopping around the three dollars day named Jason mess. Kill and then I t Lucas in rice on now. This file first up at sixteen hundred mood is two dollars fifty day and in close up at CNN move your of that mall. I'm trusting that foam and rocked of remember in. It's my went onto stike level and group three level. That's good for me. I Lucas more advanced in the last four eighty so both of you goes on which is very very good self since real. Audie Lucas it's made Munich along. You might say that also on the on the phone too much. It was sensational. I think this is a horses. Absolutely impromptu. These rice voice and Elvington tore. I do I does it ever change. You can definitely win. We won't be host. Maybe my native course, Hanks's allies will be back again tomorrow being joined by the great Rick McIntosh tomorrow, which is very exciting. You having tonight at the place to do responsibly. And thanks for watching them. We'll see you again tomorrow.

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