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In the same way that being able to record TV shows digitally and play them back with a quote, unquote solved problem back in two thousand and six is that you could go and buy with TV. You could build TV computer and install TV. You could set it all up configuration, Vicki, oh, remote control, that kind of stuff, but it was a massive Bollock to do it. And very few people actually have the skills and the knowledge to do so, but it could be done. I think this is one of those situations where you can do this, but I think the u I with the human race is too complicated because first of all, people have to know that this is something they should think about which I don't think most people do. And then Secondly, you've got to understand all of these different elements because it's not just, you know, it's not just about like, it's not just about how do you do this with each of these digital assets. But what happens like, what is the relationship to the stuff when it comes to a will? What happens if you have a trust for your family of your kids? Like how does all the stuff relate to that? And it's just incredibly complicated. I think most of the work here is. A very personal piece of deciding what you Stuart lingers the individual want. And then from there, making sure each service you use conforms to that thing, and that's. Oh, it is tightly and anything of than. All to the family all the lot. Afars onto Bisi requires you to go through and tag everything we've touched with family or been by, nobody's ever going to. The most important question for all of this is when I were to get hub. In the cool will office meeting room with a hidden door that twisted around. And there was a secret office in the an in front of the secret office area the office of the Gabon office. There was a old map book in a glass box, and there was a little sticker on the side that said, this is where Chris run Strath filed. The first pull request everyone get up and it was there is little kind of computer history museum, kind of like memento. Now in the earlier annals of bad voltage, Stewart language used to record his audio on a spectrum fully eight k. in his bedroom without a webcam attached. And I would like to make sure that when you die next week, whenever is language get that because I want to put it in a glass box on display somewhere because I have it place your. Okay, that's that's a physical lights. That's no problem about is the will also I want access to all of your digits. 'cause I'm gonna have some fun. They will be great actually to be able to troll from beyond the grave. No about troll, but like to be able to just send out the message here and there on Facebook. So you appoint a like a troll executor, someone to continue your legacy off to your phone? Yeah, I think that'd be fun. I mean, don't necessarily like bad Trump just like drop the musing guys, warm air. Why iota judge obey your normal executor..

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