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Harada we take just ten minutes to get your smarter on the Clinton Tech Business Politics I'm Denver Mac today show Softbank Pays Adam Newman to go away and how one Virginia Town is getting drugs via drone I thirty days of impeachment so it's now exactly one month four Tuesday's ago that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into president trump and the big story so far is speed remember to call between trump and Ukraine's president took place just this past August less than two months ago and we've already had tons of witnesses document requests widespread expectations that the house will wrap up and kick things over to the Senate by Thanksgiving now compare that to the Nixon impeachment where took eighteen months between the Watergate break-in in house authorization of an impeachment inquiry and the Nixon resigned six months later before the House voted to impeach or look at the Clinton situation where nine months it's passed between the first media report of affair with Monica Lewinsky and the House inquiry launch with another ten weeks until impeachment itself the bottom line here is that the White House in Republican points about process aren't slowing down well slowing down the process and the Senate trial could come well before Christmas in fifteen seconds go deeper with axios political reporter Elena trine first this there's more news out there than ever before but these days it's harder than ever to find it and to know what to trust axes am takes effort out of getting smart by synthesis housing the ten stories that will drive the day and telling you I they matter subscribe at sign up dot axios dot com and now back to the podcast it we're joined now by actress political reporter Latrine let's start here just state of play were thirty days in but what happens this week and kind of what's the most important thing that happens this week this week there are three depositions behind closed doors I'd say one of the most important things will see this week is today actually the bill Taylor the person who replaced the former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Ivanovich is going to be testifying behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee oversight and born affairs committees he's expecting to have a very damaging testimony to the president he was someone who was revealed to have a lot of concerns with potential for investigating well he was he was the guy the famous text exchange with Sunlen the the ambassador to the U The you know the call may raise the one who was supposed to call right and he was someone who was very clear that he had concerns he wrote that there was this nightmare scenario he referred to several other trump officials who have come forward and testified about this for the impeachment inquiry referred to that the idea that the president might withhold aid to presidents Alinsky of Ukraine in order to have some sort of agreement that he would investigate his political opponent Joe Biden but then also there's a lot of concerns like what if he never falls through on this what if this is helping Russia he someone who really was thinking about all the repercussions of this while some others were like no don't overplay it he was someone who was very concerned you still a State Department employee correct Bill Taylor yes so he then testifying in contradiction what the there was a State Department told him not to and he's showing up anyway or the State Department giving them a green light the White House and the trump administration has very much encouraged anyone not to comply is there alignment yes we are not complying or helping the Democrats in what they see as a witch hunt against the president but bill Taylor is coming in and sure I don't believe that he was subpoenaed but I should probably look at that but he is coming in today and it's definitely not in line with what the White House would want the maybe it was two weeks ago this whole thing seems to be running in dog years I said it's very quickly in the intro except it does also feel like it's gone on forever you know the the White House not complying is that slowing down Democrats at all because clearly there Arthur Democrats want that they're not getting so they're really going around the White House as best they can they recognize that yes they can subpoena people left right and center but the problem there is they want this to be wrapped up as quickly and efficiently as possible and in order to really have to enforce subpoena you have to go through the court system so what they're doing is trying to bring and trump administration officials both former and current who can come in and give them some of the details that perhaps people like secretary Mike Pompeii or Rudy Giuliani who were he figures in all of this they won't be able to get them when you talk to folks on the hill particularly Republicans on the hill I think there's a a a pretty general perception that this is the opposite to democratic run impeachment but Democrats want impeachment Republicans don't impeachment and this is ultimately a partisan food fight is there from what you've can tell any crack on the Republican side you obviously one or two who people here or there but anything bigger than that and more substantive or not yet I think that's still to be determined it's possible that there could be a bigger cracking this I mean that's what the Democrats are hoping for that's what all these depositions are for they're hoping that there will be something else that comes out of this the Democrats jobs they hope Donald Trump decides to resign tomorrow is reasonable like I mean from what you hear I mean do you get that sense that there are people who are potentially on the fence and could legitimately be convinced if compelling evidence was arrive evening Republican Republicans yeah it's very unlikely there is a potential we had that interview with Mitt Romney on our axios on HBO show the other day where you know he would be one person that you could see I think if one person falls there could be a domino effect people Republicans one hundred percent behind closed doors are criticizing what's going on people are pulling their hair out over what Rudy Giuliani what they call the shadow foreign policy they are you know kicking themselves when they are defending the president and saying you know at first one of their spoke with a committee source of their news like yeah of course it's like the most frustrating experience ever route defending the president saying no he didn't ask for any help to investigate and then the president comes out and says it himself on the White House South Lawn so there could be people who fall but as of now Republicans are sticking to the Party line and are not planning to play this game to the Senate let's assume that they will impeachment at least Democrats obviously will vote to do this and this kicked over to the Senate Mitch McConnell has said there will be a trial once he says that how much control does McConnell have come pared to John Roberts Chief Justice Supreme Court technically is the one who oversees impeachment and other McConnell just like bring it up and say hey let's vote and then go home or does there have to be a real trial with witnesses all everything that entails those details are still being worked out and honestly they haven't worked out really at all I spoke with McConnell team over the weekend and yes McConnell has said that he wants the house impeachment they want the house to vote on articles of impeachment by Thanksgiving so that any sort of Senate trial can be wrapped up by Christmas and so that it doesn't extend into a essential election year but that timeline is totally that is not something that they've all agreed on he has not spoken with Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer yet on any of this the hope is that if and when and everyone thinks when is the question it's not an f. when the house will vote to impeach the President Chuck Schumer and McConnell they're hoping will come together Aaron get together in a room and work out some sort of definitive timeline so that it's not left up to the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts because then they get along well enough they can do this on scalper their total art says of course but I do think that no one wants this to drag out no one wants this to potentially affect the the twenty two thousand presidential election and thing things on their terms will benefit both sides final question for you speaking of affecting twenty twenty presidential election give me odds here I know they're low but what are the odds that come November twenty twenty from now Donald Trump is not sitting president of the United States I mean very risky game to play people part of this in two thousand sixteen and it didn't work out well for them so I'm GonNa win he's not when we go to the polls the incumbent I honestly think this whole how this impeachment stuff plays out less so more about whether he'll be removed I don't think right now it's very lear that he probably won't be removed in the Senate but how the messaging does affect him if enough people there are some cracks that are showing some GOP voters are starting to get fed up with all this craziness around the president despite supporting him so if there's enough that comes out in this that does sway people there could be a chance that he doesn't but as of now now I think he still has a great chance of winning twenty three and actors book reporter who covers politics enough that she is good enough to avoid a direct answer to a simple question thanks for joining us. Thank you Dan final two right after this axiom chief technology correspondent Dana free chairs breaking news and analysis on the most consequential companies in players intact from the valley to DC subscribe to get smarter faster and sign up dot axios dot com and now back to the podcast was already an investor valuing we work just this past January at forty seven billion dollars the new deal will cut that down by around seventy percent second the board of directors really have a say they're voting but they don't really get to vote because former CEO Adam Newman still has so called super voting rights whereby each of his shares counts ten times as much as everyone else's shares and Softbank is giving them around two hundred million dollar golden parachute to pick their deal over rival offer from J. P. Morgan third some Softbank employee's will indeed get paid through this deal so-called tender offer but most employees were hired in the last couple of years they get wiped out and finally don't be spread see we worked co-ceo Biko CEOS by day's end not because Softbank is firing them but because they're expected to quit and finally this morning people in Christians Bird Virginia can now get their drugs be a drone now to be clear I am talking about approved pharmaceuticals here a google affiliate called wing is running a pilot test or pilot let's cast drone delivery for walgreens pharmacy it's also running similar delivery programs for Fedex and a local gift shop called Sugar Magnolia these are the first FAA approved commercial drone delivery his anywhere in the country and Times can drop off just minutes after an order is placed proving I guess that impatience can pay and we're done thanks Confront Producers Tim Chauffeurs and Jesse Lee have a great national nut day and we'll back on Thursday with another pro rata podcast..

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