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Ns I million I. Am I mad at the flight. Go Register two names to get. I mean it's cool. It's cool cool like that is. Let's see I would have Brazil when then. What would that mean after that? If Brazil win that fight would he. He bought a get another shot. Like when I mean if Brazil Zoo win he don't get another shot per se but he's definitely on that right track because Adam is number three in the Abbey F. and WBO's W. B. O.. So Brazil would be there right so like Brazil B.'s. Adam maybe. He's in an eliminator with Joseph Parker to be the mandatory Lori for whoever fights sick or verses. Aj like he's going to be knocking on the door. This is a big fight. It's not a bad. It's not a big fight for Adam. It is for both right. Because Adam can't take lightly he'll lose his position for Brazil he ain't even on the rankings. He no he not in the top fifteen and nobody. He may be the I B O but I don't see him on the WBO WBZ WBZ. So this for him justified justified in his life he need to get back in he on life support. He went this way. We can take off the machine. Yeah Cowan Nada. He had to spicer. Oh you know like when when you put it to me like that Bra Brazil really. Yeah he can't take this L.. He wanted Eh bottom with a bear. You know honestly. I'm not being disrespectful. They're gonNA take. He's already at the bottom. If you lane even rank and Tom Schwartz's Frank Sanchez is like who the fuck is. Chris love joy and Brazilian in nobody. Rankings Brian Halifa Know Helen heavyweight though. But he did. There's another one male then my he us us who Coochie Modo is still number fifteen in an Italian. WBO Fujimoto do the Dan while so for for Brazil he at the bottom when you gotta do twelve months already ranked the bug you not even there. Trevor Brian Never seen him on TV. A Dan our life and he ranked burbs Dominic Dominic need the Manhattan. How Dominic drive down low and he was the number one contender to the champion? How how did he draw? Although we held. The rank is my Bir- the same way Sean. Puerto was in a unification fight with Earl Spencer. Now number ten in. IBM They disrespectful. Soi disrespect the rankings. Don't care about you wait. Say That again. All you still eat job all the way that Lu I'm I'm looking at the WBZ rankings which was updated December thirteenth. So we less than a year a month away from the last update and he's not on the WBZ December third was the last IBF. He ain't did ninety-four December was the last update. WBO He ain't there and January anywhere reform which was three days ago was the WPA and he did. He's got to fight. He gotta fight like his life depend on it because it basically do if he loses this fight then he becomes amendment saw just simple he becomes a man man saw he loses this fight his next might be versus Faa Java and then after that Daniel do bra you know what. I'm saying like he can't lose. This fight was over over. Spirals downhills is done ski in an m saying he can't lose this fight he got only way to lose. This fight is looking fucking good. Where people like Joe Bra? I want to see him back him versus Areola those was to dogfights or or he deserves a rematch. Or you know. He got robbed light. He ludicrous fight. Let me see what Dominic Brazil is. Let me see where he On box Bri just to see because if Tom Tom Shorts with fifty seven when he for fury and he still ranked Tom. Schwartz is still number twelve on a WBO WBZ. Oh fuck with whoever. They ain't playing eight people's Dominic Brazil number he number fifteen on box records still can't get rink top fifteen on any of the sanctioning bodies at least box race e bikes. Are you know they put them in the right place I think. Let me see if I think anybody deserves confront they got. Aj Wild Goose Egg. That's retarded. That's retarded fury Ruis dillion white perfection pool live ortiz-luis Ortiz Derek. Zora Adam Cov- nakae Michael Hunter. Joseph Parker Philip her Gurvich Dominic Brazil Year Rivas deserves to be ahead of Brazil. Yeah I guess so for Brazil you know if Brazil I don't know if they'll ever fight because they probably sparked a lot but if Brazil loses this he could always comeback versus Washington. Washington is on the rebuild. His biggest win right. Now is Robert Hilarious. Oh He needs to keep rebuilding look. Fa is number twenty three. So it's like I said if Brazil loses this he becomes a man so he's going on a resume of a guy like FAA easy. Quick in a hurry but Man I tried to stretch it out long. Enough Fellas Ellis. It is oversee p close aside with the Bouma vain. Hey.

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