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Please. Folders garrity does ability regular soldiers ability veterans benefits and payment for through plus foods. Dan will not go on. And then event of a default. They will have to wait until the definitely is rain or a stopgap and evil evil mitch. Mitch will not support it. He'd said out that he will vote. He said that he will take care of care awfully hard. Oh he'll support for funding for ghanistan but not for all people and i tie. I don't care like get cut my livelihood that we're talking about here already. We ought to unemployment because evil peer to peer. We already lot because of him. Now now. our whole lives are going to be doubt down. Dying man vowed to four four for four to happen. They are devoted into house now the job. That day voted for the The stopgap and then raising the debt ceiling. But it's distended that the problem and that's scheduled to vote either later today. What we again. I don't like our chances thin as long as he will mitt there. I don't like tanta now. More people are going to be struggling. I am glad that my rent paid one of going to do. If i can't get the wifi to stay on. God forbid what am i gonna do. I've already lost one time. Ashley stuck with commercial for no money and nothing. I- daddy dedicated to be stuck them listening to commercial. But i like it able. Mitch will match go home. go go how. How are you going to sleep at night. Knowing that people not going to get paid people like myself. I pay met on on when i pay when i get disability. Okay and a lot of people like me who pay on disability or over there. Now you taking that away for to ben up that coming up parents in pairs pair that pattern to the way unemployment because the job is gonna fall right state from our laps on guy with a doesn't even really happen all the time and glad to go on the way to that doesn't even pay the damn rant. What how may pay a phone bill. Thirty dollar phone bill but not gonna pay anything else autumn. They pay jessica. What do they people take about. Not not are evil tony evil. Say about what you're doing about. What the hell you hurting road him to help with day again. Damn here. i've been how long because my wife pathway eight the how and you'll even deeper in there. Are you insane..

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