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On today's show stark warnings about the holidays from the cdc and new quarantine guidelines then some headlines. But first the latest today we can announce that the government has accepted the recommendation from the independent amid signs and healthcare products regulatory agency to approve pfizer biontech vaccine for distribution across the united kingdom after months of clinical trials involving thousands of people to ensure that the vaccine meets the strictest internationally recognized down to safety quality and effectiveness. All right that was british. Prime minister boris johnson announcing the country's emergency authorization of pfizer's corona virus vaccine. This makes the uk the first western country to authorize a vaccine. A major step in starting to bring into this pandemic russia and china have approved vaccines but without waiting for the results from large-scale trial. So how did this happen in the uk before the us. Great question and it seems to be something that was also on the mind of trump's chief of staff mark meadows who has been putting some pressure on american regulators of late to get moving a familiar thing from the white house but the basic gist of it based on reporting of the times and elsewhere is that the fda looks over raw data from the vaccine trials which is estimated to be thousands of documents that takes time whereas in the uk and across europe their regulatory agencies have tended to look at the analysis that are coming from the companies themselves in this case pfizer and biontech but in this particular case regulators in the uk said they did actually overall data and analyze tons of documentation. The times also reported that the uk has a slightly different way of getting outside opinions experts on approval where they kind of work in as needed and they deviated from the process that the rest of the european union is following which the uk is formerly brexit by the end of the year. So a bit of politics involved here as well. Though this others beat the us we know that the independent panel the fda's working with is going to meet a december tenth so it is moving right along here as well and should it be approved for authorization. The first doses are reportedly set to be delivered on december fifteenth awesome. And so how soon is all this going to be rolled out in the uk. Okay so apparently. It's actually in the next few days. Visor is going to send the initial eight hundred thousand or so doses from belgium. They packed up and dry. Ice these insanely cold temperatures and they have to be driven and delivered. It appears that the plan is to start actual vaccinations next week and the uk has reportedly enough doses for twenty million people in total plan. Thus far most of that's going to be next year and they like us have a system they put together to determine. Who is going to be getting these. I in the uk it's people who live and work in nursing homes and citizens who are older than eighty and healthcare workers. After that we'll get into more on what the us plan is a second so that's visor than the other vaccine company has submitted for use in the us is moderna and they announced yesterday that they're gonna start testing they're vaccine in children between the ages of twelve and seventeen doesn't seem like they're actually going to start just yet but they're looking to recruit about three thousand people for that trial when they end up doing it and so some experts have said that one of the main things to be on the lookout for in and try like this is kids possibly having stronger reactions due to more active immune systems and visor reportedly already started testing in children as young as twelve in october. So that is all on the horizon with approvals and trials in the fda exciting and fun stuff. But let's talk about the other big piece of this as we mentioned who will get these vaccines in the us. I and how so akilah take us through that part. Okay so obviously. This brings us to the cdc earlier this week. We talked about a meeting to give advice to states. On vaccine distribution remember states not the federal government are the ones that will be in charge of the rollout. But this advice will likely become the official. Cdc recommendation that most states are expected to rely on. the advisory committee. Said what we expected. They voted thirteen to one to prioritize. Healthcare workers and people in long term care facilities to get the vaccine. I state have until tomorrow to tell the federal government where they want their initial doses sent. So this is all happening. Incredibly quickly and in terms of how the doses will get delivered hospitals and other health clinics will give scenes to healthcare workers and according to reporting companies like cvs and walgreens will administer vaccine's too long term care facilities. These companies already have programs to do this for the flu vaccine each year though the logistics are obviously different for that. You know these new covid vaccine which requires subzero. Storage and two doses. A month apart each state is going to have its own logistics. So exactly how. This goes could vary around the country. And it'll be an early test of how this whole vaccination process is gonna work also in cdc news. Yesterday they had some pretty intense warnings about the holidays and what americans should do so what always said their intense is right. Yeah i mean they started off by recommending against travel pretty point blank but i think they and we and everyone with a pulse knows that this is not going to happen for everyone for various reasons. In fact we saw quite a bit of travel over thanksgiving. Despite similar warnings this guidance though was accompanied by some extremely grim words from cdc director. Dr robert redfield and right now it is so important that we recommit ourselves to this mitigation as we now begin to turn the corner with the vaccine but the reality is december and january and february are going to be rough times. I actually believe they're going to be the most difficult. I'm in the public health history of this nation Largely because of the stress. That's gonna put on our house that is really bleak yes He also said that the country could see close to four hundred fifty thousand cumulative deaths by february but that it's in our power to mitigate that with mask wearing and all the other protocols we we're all too familiar with at this point and to underline this grim point he was making according to covid tracking project. Yesterday the us hit over a hundred thousand people in the hospital for the first time ever also yesterday over twenty seven hundred americans died which is close to the single day high. We saw in april and one other piece of guidance came out yesterday that we should go over because it will affect people who do plan to travel around this time of year. So what was this new bit on. Quarantining all right. So the cdc also put out their own recommendations for how to shorten two week quarantine that they've been pushing travelers. Here's how that would work if you have no symptoms and tested negative for the virus. The cdc is saying you can actually stop your quarantine. After seven days. You should take another cova test at the end of the short and quarantine though to be sure and they say that rapid tests are fine. A of info has come out about the reliability of rapid test. But who am i to argue with the cdc guidance like your crazy uncle on facebook. The cd's chief medical officer explained that there is going to be an increase risk. If you go this route so still best option is a stay home and try again next year but if you do plan to travel here are the best time to get tested. According to the cdc so one to three before a trip and again three to five days after five has been the observed median incubation period for the virus. And don't plan to do anything. Non essential for a week after return right. The vacation is whenever and you come back. You gotta sit at home for a week. So it's a lot to consider re travel but if you're gonna risk it please be smart about it and again the cd's.

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