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Allow on our platform, who were not allowing our platform? There's no book for this again I. Don't have an answer I. Don't WanNa tell you what to do. I shouldn't tell you what to do. It's not my business. You need to be able to looked to your own values. To what kind of brand do you want to build to? Decide. WHO GETS TO USE Your Your Business? What you're what you want your business to be known for, and then make your decision just as an example, a bumble is a dating APP that has a very very clear sense of its values. Those values include integrity equality there the are feminist after the way that they have marketed themselves the way that they want to be perceived in the world. This is how they get customers, not customers users. Platform and. Twice now it's happened that users have flagged up once it was George Zimmerman the guy who killed Trayvon Martin. And and got acquitted so technically. I don't know but George Zimmerman and Jack Pacific. He's a white nationalist like all right cool and both times when they were flagged up, bumble acted incredibly fast and took him down. Took those accounts down. They said you know these accounts did these type of people don't belong on our platform indicates of George Zimmerman. It was not only trayvon Martin, but he also has a history of domestic violence. It doesn't make sense for them to have people who are like obviously publicly known for domestic violence to be on their platform. That's not what their platform stands for. What they're doing is protecting your brand so that you know people especially women, their core group user group continues to use their product. This is this is a business decision. So we talk a lot of Improv that you manage the entire user experience from from end to end, but a lot of times people are working only with DEV team with designer copywriter, maybe not necessarily working with marketing with support. They don't see this whole picture. Who else besides bumble who else is potentially a good example of a company that seems to to get it and is managing the experience.

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