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Now here are Todd and done Jump in and 51283605 90. We'd love your eyewitness reports on the road and the weather, the traffic in the weather conditions and we've gotten a lot Those bridges and overpasses in the area is still a problem, and we've got scattered power outages, so that's affecting a lot of home owners and businesses and you know the lights of certain certain intersections. You need to take your time and get an early start. If you got to be out on the road, that's it. If you don't then there's really no reason to jump in at 512836. 05 90 various school campuses are making changes today due to the weather. They even though kids have spent plenty of time in virtual classrooms this year, not every district is making the switch today toe all virtual, but several are. Those districts include Austin, Leander Hayes, Huddle Round Rock, Taylor and Al Valley. No staff for students will be on campus in those districts today, but those class schedules Will remain as normal, just online bass drop in Smithville. They're holding in person classes but will operate today one or two hours behind schedule, and a handful of districts are holding no classes whatsoever today, and that includes Dripping Springs means Lake Travis Lockhart's and Maynor. Ah, yes, DS s. Oh, there you go. Jump in here at 51283605 90 stops Brad Wheel is says that's even as work crews have treated the major roadways for icing, But I have to say that Pope should stay home during this winter event. If they don't have to be out that the safest thing to do. This is not a miracle cure. It's not going to dry the roadway. It's going to help prevent ice from forming. Well. This is where crews were making the rounds yesterday, treating roadways where they could and expects there will be more to do as area temperatures continue to drop. John Cooley news radio K O B. J s So wherever you are, 51283605 90 forget a traffic or forecast report. Listen, also in the news today, although he downplayed it at the time. The former President Donald Trump, this case of covert was more serious than originally considered, according to doctors they even thought about putting on a ventilator. Yeah, Now. The news was revealed yesterday by The New York Times, which cited a source close to Trump saying doctors diagnosed him with lung infiltrate infiltrates. I guess that's Ah yes, that's it. Yes, swelling, I guess or information, a condition that causes excess fluid or bacteria, the lungs. At one point, the former president's oxygen level dropped below drop down to the low eighties. According to sources, doctors credit the Regeneron antibody treatment for helping him recover. It also turns out the first lady was worse than originally reported to, according to the Times, Melania Trump refused to take regeneration, and instead it took her several weeks to fully recover. Yeah, I mean, he had to get a quick recovery. There's no doubt about it, but for his oxygen level to go down that low that that's really alarming that that's really alarming. Not a young man. But that Regeneron a apparently did the trick. Yeah, sure. Did I know with my father in law? Uh, I don't think he had Regeneron, but he had the He's gonna wear that mask as much as he can. It's really more to set an example to show Hey, look what what I'm doing now with with Kamala Harris. It's It's a gift because we don't have to look at her. But, um, he is talking about Having mash for the next year for the next year, which I think is ridiculous. Now, if you want to, we will see people that will continue to wear masks. Well after this pandemic is done. Yeah, this this this cove, It's going to be with us pretty much forever. So it's the flu. So is ah, a lot of things. But another year of being required to wear masks all over the place. That's trouble that that's asking for trouble. It is. It's not good for our sake. Yeah, well, I had all understand effects of psyche. Yeah, but I think you're right. I think a lot of people just continue. I think there'd be some people that will always wear a mask. Yeah. How do you two for me? They're doing a lot of other countries. I mean, Beijing. I mean, that's it's pretty common. It Z like put on the hat in Beijing. That's where did you talk to different people? I'm learning more and more. And I just have to keep my mouth shut and bite my tongue. It's so different. You talk to different people, and you get these different reactions. I'll talk to someone who's feeling more up to Mystic and and she's a light at the end of the tunnel is starting to relax Then I talked to someone yesterday on the phone who was like Yep, it's it's this is gonna be with us for a long time. In fact, I'm worried this kid. This is getting worse. We've got these new strange coming over. It's gonna get worse. And I just I just have to kind of grit my teeth and bite my tongue. And just you know, because I don't know. I don't know. All I see is the numbers. They're coming way down, and that's what I choose to focus on. It is 7 10 here on the tide of Don showed you could jump in at 51283605 90 by the end of the week, one million Texans. Are expected to be fully vaccinated for covert. 19 and newsman Chris Fox tells us that FEMA's also set to begin their own mass vaccination program in Houston and in North Texas. Over the next couple of weeks. We'll update you on that coming up. And your eyewitness reports at 51283605 90 Todd and Don show commercial property owners, managers and realtors they trust accurately.

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