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Have you heard of the token. Yeah this is. This is on steroids. All on schedule thought is collapsing. Unfortunately i'm running out of time to cover the other fantastic tiles and the body fantastic. I really wanna get to this story of a french guy. It's always if you're answering the time of the revolution who had an insatiable appetite. He had something wrong with his stomach where he could never be satiated so once he had eight. He's fill of food. He would start eating the cutlery. Oh pika yeah. He had some form of paker. Yeah where there was. Some the signal is sent to everything just went working and you'd never knew he was full and yet he'd started to eight the cutlery and the napkins and the table and he just became this kind of sochaux freak who just ate anything people threw at him. That's how he made his Obviously he's in the book and eventually he was recruited to be a spy for the french army to eighth thinks well he was able to eat anything like even weapons of war and certain things that needed to be smuggled past enemy lines that if they were captured by a normal person like he couldn't let the enemy have them he had a certain way of on earth. Possibly be some arguing a canon. Well that i'm gonna talk about that when we come up after the break also y The whole craze of europeans eighteen mummies Which i. I didn't realize this went back as elliot's the fifteen th century of this huge export trade from egypt of mummified corpses to the aristocracy in europe of how this alternately stemmed from a translation error. Wow i've always had a fascination with a morbid fascination of trying to understand. Why would they and this happened up until i believe the early nineteen hundreds people would halt potties mummy unwrapping potties and eight. Mummy yeah i mean the stories of the french the french king having a little satchel of ground up mummy and before he went on a hunt he would have like a little snuff box of corpse. Go and it would give him virility and help on the hunt it clearly. It's a placebo all of it from a clerical error a translation era that i it. It's just absolute madness. That's coming up on our plus extension and remind us of the awesomeness coming while we have to stay out of space the creatures that the cosmonauts and the astronauts have interacted with and also the warnings coming from our space brothers an inverted commas as to why humanity should have never left the surface of our planet. Why would been crawling around. And what is too soon for us to be blasting out of our atmosphere into the solar space. Will you had cosmonaut rainbow syndrome. Is that with the russian astronauts comeback. The on that's that's not what happened. Welcome back zero cheap enough. We is cheap but he's still opposite. That's all coming up on that plus extension head to mysterious universal old forward slash. Plus all the details. It's non bucks a month helps support your favorite shirt. If you sign up you get access to the extensions. We do only shows every single friday. And if you're a member you get an exclusive show. That comes out on tuesdays getting more than double the content. If you sign off the plus you also get a higher quality audio version of the show. We put out the highest quality. We put out exclusive diplomas. You'll also get discounts off digital products in our store anatoly ad free version of the show as well again. Hit a mysterious universal org forward slash.

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