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You listen and you feel, and you just got to keep going, you know? It wasn't hard. It wasn't drudgery. It just was tough. No referee, Hogan, like a drunk man. But referee Kyoto still selling his car crash. The night out before. Yeah, yeah. Real quick, let's get back to Amy, I think she's working again. Amy are you there? You're good to go now? We will see. I didn't know what happened last time. All good. It just froze on you, but you're good now. All right, well, gentlemen, I wanted to ask you all where this match ranks for you all. So my for you revving at WrestleMania is where does this match write for you? And mister Ross, where does this match rank for you in calling a match at WrestleMania? And I hope your health is well, mister Ross. It's good. I'm full of P and V, honey. All right. Be careful around on JR these days. This is obviously a WrestleMania highlight for me because again, the crowd delivered. The crowd became the star of this president. This presentation partnering. But that's what I remember, this is the overwhelming support, and you know, I thought, hey, Mark did the federalists out? Yeah, Patterson laid a lot of this out. Yes, he sure did, you know? He was rock's guy. Yes. Plus, when you're working a territory for 15 years like fat did in San Francisco and you're in the sum of the same markets every single week, you got to learn to tell stories and continue stories and add another chapter. So pat was always rocks guy and very well for a rock because he'd learned a great deal from patters. Yeah, definitely sure that pat Patterson, Michael Hayes had a lot of input here and in and out. Yeah. So I think in my top 5 WrestleMania moments, I have a hard time overshadowing what Brett and stone cold did at WrestleMania 13. We can't shamrock. Right. That was pretty awesome. The double turns are very rare and they're very hard to pull off. And so I'll always kind of put that match may be my favorite. I did like a call and when I got to come back and do a little work with taker and Sean, I think that was at WrestleMania 25. I thought that was a hell of a performance, but both guys I like and respect and known forever. Let's go to the audio here, Josh real quick. He's fired up coming back. The crowd's going

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