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A columnist for the newburyport daily news in Massachusetts complained that four fits in the name of player safety were affecting standings and playoff races and depriving seniors on both teams of their final glories Lawrence academy's forfeit against governor's academy. The columnist noted with a straight. Keyboard quote, cost many of governors college hopefuls an opportunity to build up their stats and tape for college scouts because Josh that's what it's all about. That's what high school football is truly truly about stacked teams taking advantage of depleted under-sized inexperienced and exhausted opponents to pile up statistics that might impress college recruiters for war on football. Just never ends. Josh, what's your Keith mall? So there's nothing as stark about. About the inequities and disparities in college football. As when the great Steve Berkowitz of USA today each weekend starts tweeting out, the various incentives and bonuses that coaches get financial bonuses because their players one games. This was on my list of future after balls. So it's all yours. Now. Josh. Sorry stephan. I got there first. So here are some examples of some things that Berkowitz tweeted recently, he has access to the contract seemingly of every major college football coach with all of their different incentive clauses. So for example, after Alabama beat LSU not that big a deal, but after Alabama coach Nick Sabin got a seventy five thousand dollar bonus because they clinched the SEC west title, so congratulations, Alabama players you just guy. You're extremely rich coach seventy five thousand dollars earning a spot in the conference championship game. Fresno state's Jeff Tedford got fifty thousand dollars because his team got eight wins his earned three hundred thousand dollars and bonuses. So far the season must make the Fresno state players. Just feel so good that they're coach is gone many incentives. And then, of course, we're all following you. Yukon, which lost to Tulsa, forty nine to nineteen that my favorite contract Yukon is now one eight on the year and uconn coach Randy Edsall got a bonus of two thousand dollars head coach Randy Edsall of the one eight Yukon huskies lost forty nine and nineteen because you con- scored first and the game so Chang Varandy, it's all two thousand dollars for his team losing for United nineteen so USA today where Berkowitz works. They tweeted out about a month ago. This graphic of all of Randy at Seoul's bizarre contract incentives therm as ING so he gets two thousand dollars each for scoring I leading at halftime. And if his team leads the game in points per possession or total offense, which is the points per possession thing is particularly than on defense. He gets two thousand dollars each. For his team leading an tackles for loss margin points per possession turnover margin and sacks. He also gets up to fifty thousand dollars. If his team averages more than forty points on the air and fifty thousand dollars if his team gives up less than ten there's kind of a sliding scale situation there Morgan Moriarty of Espy nation described this as you head coach Randy edsels contract is basically just a prop bets sheet, which I thought was a fair characterization. So this is all new to me like I hadn't seen this before this weekend. And then I looked in there. Applies to Berkowitz tweeting about Randy edsels weird score I situation and Mike waters or reporter for Syracuse dot com said some intrepid reporter should check to see how often uconn won the toss and elected to receive. I don't know if I would describe myself as intrepid, but I do have the ability to search to Google things. And so this was the task that I said for myself. On Sunday evening. Do does Randy Edsall who has a financial incentive for his team to score. I win his team wins. The toss does he electricity which would allow give his team better chance to score? I rather than deferring to the second half going on defense. So they played twenty one games last two years, and I did confirm with Berkowitz that this this incentive clause has been in effect for both seasons. So at sole twenty one games with the score first incentive. You can't as only one the six times. So we have a small data set here. That's really weird those six twenty one. So they've taken the ball. I four times out of six so it's not like a slam dunk. It's all you does it every time certainly not an opposite direction where he defers every time, but we got a little bit of evidence for.

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