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Scoot in the afternoon is brought to you by saying st charles vision from wwl the news talk and sports leader screwed in the afternoon where politics and pop culture meet your opinions call 5042601870 text 870870 or tweet had scoot wwl now live from our latter blum studios he no hard the crescent city here's dudes in the afternoon it is so high this is the hottest day of a member so far this this year it won't walking from my my apartment building the station just a little while ago i mean not so bad if you're on the shady side of the street the man when you have to cross the street in your in the sun and then when you're downtown look an i know many if you can relate to this if you're pedestrians downtown when you cannot in the sun in the middle of the day day and you've got to stand on their corner waiting for the light to change it's not pretty but then again let's remember all those people who are working outside in weather like this i mean i'm fortunate enough to just walk in it to get to work but i sit here in airconditioned studio and if you're airconditioned car or airconditioned environment thankful because there are people out there who are doing jobs that they need to do to make our lives better and they're out there in this heat going on right now oj simpson is before the parole board and i would think that oj simpson is going to uh to to be paroled he has been serving nine years almost nine year so far offered armed robbery in salt charged with a weapon that i think carry little over thirty years in prison so he's been serving nine years and apparently he spin from what i hear an ideal prisoner so he will probably get to parole we'll be talking about this on an off and to if the decision comes down it should while we're on the after noon will pass that onto you immediately one of the reasons we pay such high insurance return louisiana is because a lot of drivers are are considered poor working port and did you know that the lower your credit rating the higher you premium we asked you if you have low credit rating you pay higher premiums and apparently the reason is because if if you.

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