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Just in case they're ever alone and could possibly masturbate. So we wake up at six AM. We do exercise for thirty minutes shower, get dressed, eat breakfast within thirty minutes. And then at seven AM we have scripture study individual and then from like seven to eight and then eight to eight thirty. We have come study. So we read a scripture together or like we talk about a topic of religious being, and then we go out and you just have to trust light until a lunch. And then after lunch, you go back out across light. So you just knock on doors. And then after that you go for dinner and then after that you have to prosper. Again until nine pm. And then lights out by nine thirty and that's Monday through Sunday. In other words, that's seven days a week I checked on the calender doesn't even a day off. So Monday through Sunday. They were out talking to people about God, which is not my personal idea fun, but so this is how Nathan do it, used a voice that he now calls his straight guy voice. Okay. Okay. Hi, Dora. My name is elder Winterton and I'm from the church, Jesus Christ, latter-day saints. And would you like to hear a message of God today? Nathan's efforts had mixed results. I'm not going to blame the voice. Okay. It's just that not everyone out there is a Mormon and not. Everyone wants to talk to a stranger about God. I went out there and there are people that were atheist, thera-, Presbyterians Baptists. There was pentecostals. There is Jehovah witnesses. There was everything the sun, and I didn't even know about them. And honesty. I knew about Baptists for like movies Biden about any of the other religions. And I didn't even fathom that someone could be an atheist. I was just like, oh, Jesus take this wheel because your boys birdie oh gosh. I just think of little baby. Nathan, having his mind, blown going door to door meeting all kinds of people. There's one interaction that he had that really stuck with him. We come upon this gay man, and I didn't know he was getting I. But as soon as he talked, I knew which is bad to say because not all Gaiman have a gay voice. I..

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