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Five WSB. They had given. Here's the thing, Hillary Clinton, didn't wait for some foreign entity to come to her and say, I have Otto they sought it out. That is indisputable fact that they've even admitted to. They worked with Ukraine to boost her campaign. They went after Manafort. How do you think all the Manafort, Ukraine ties came out because of that because of that association. That's how it came out. A lot of that information was privileged. That's how it came out, because they worked with her giving her up. Oh, hoping to hoping to boost her campaign, not only that, and I made this point on Twitter earlier. That's indisputable. And this as it relates to what Pelosi was saying. This no one has asked any of the Democrats about their party hiring a Kremlin lobbying firm. And yes, anyone who tries to argue that fusion GPS, which was in violation of the foreign agents registration act, because they were literally lobbying against the Magnitsky act on behalf of Russian oligarchs, and they were working with the Kremlin. It's widely reported while they were also working with a foreign spy who sources were all from the Kremlin, by the way. And they paid them the Clinton campaign and the DNC to undermine an election. Ain't nobody gonna ask questions about that he mentioned Ukraine because it opens all that up. But not only that. He talked about Ukraine. For another reason I listened to his remarks here. But when somebody comes up with up research, right, they come up with upper research, oh, let's call the SPCA tippy doesn't have enough agents to take care of it. But you go and talk, honestly to congressmen, they all do it. They always have. And that's the way it is, is called up a research. So let's get back to George tonight, Georgia's it's very clear. Well, there was a part in there where he mentioned Ukraine. The other the other reason why it was mentioned because Joe Biden has a nightmare on his hands with regards to conflict of interest, as it concerns, Ukraine. Because when he left office, this is two years after he Trump was elected he decided he was going to brag to people. This is from the hill, April twenty nine thousand nine says Joe Biden couldn't resist the temptation last year to brag to an audience of foreign policy specialist about the time as vice president that he strong armed Ukraine into fire in its top prosecutor and his own words with video cameras, rolling Biden describe how he threatened Ukrainian. President petro Poro shaneco, and March twenty sixteen that the Obama administration would pull a one would pull one billion dollars in loan guarantees sinned in the former Soviet Republic towards insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire prosecutor General Viktor Shokhin. He says, quote, you're not getting the building building billion. I said, I'm going to be leaving here. And I think it was about six hours. I looked at him and said, I'm leaving in six hours, if the prosecutors not fired or not getting the money, well son of a bitch, he got fired, and they put in place, someone who solid at the time, that's what he said verbatim to told that he told us to the council of foreign relations. Event. Well, here's the big piece of information that's been left out. Well, the prosecutor, who was fired was leading a wide ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm. Burris MMA, holdings on which hunter, Biden is a board member. US banking record show hunter Biden's American based firm Rosemont Seneca partners. LLC received regular transfers into one of its accounts. Six figures from that company for spring, twenty fourteen through fall twenty fifteen right? One VP Biden, was the main US official dealing with Ukraine, and it's tense relations with Russia and the official file for this investigation, which was shared with the press by Ukrainian officials shows prosecutors identified hunter, Biden business, partner, Devon, Archer, and their film Rosemont Seneca as a potential recipients of money. So Shokhin had made specific plans for the investigation. They were going to interrogate an investigate even hunter Biden as well. And that is the exact time that vice president, Joe Biden said that he was threatening Ukraine. So I think that they got trolled doubly. I think he later trapped to ensnare Biden further as the democrat primary continues. And as we've barrel towards the general election coming up Bernie Sanders says people who wanna pay more tax, the people want to pay more taxes. He says they're happy about it, Nancy Pelosi response to Trump's remarks were concerns op research and boy, are they a doozy? We have Florida man, and so much.

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