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A ton of money. I would imagine to get your horse professionally. Wasp pro wash the cost like a lot of money. It costs like fifty. To one hundred dollars to get a dog washed. Nevermind a horse. That's gotta be hundreds of dollars to get your horse wash professionally. Why not just take it to the car. Wash for five bucks bam you spray that mo fo down. Save yourself a ton of money. The horse is going to be traumatized. Forever is going to have car wash. Ptsd but whatever it's worth it. Maybe hey guys thanks for listening to wear it to so appreciate it. This isn't my regular voice. But i'm somehow able to stifle my list when i record the actual shows he know. That's the kind of skills. I have classes. I have lost it I hope you had a nice weekend by the way this is. Your trustee horse slipped out. This is your trustee host trustee horse just at a horse story. That's why that slipped up. This is your trusty horse. Host jones e had a lovely weekend. I hope you did as well. I got to play some softball. Which was nice little scrimmage. I feel like life's getting back to normal. I got to play softball. My goodness feeling it guys. I'm feeling it now. i'm literally feeling it. I'm sore as hell from playing softball. Like i'm really. My legs are killing me. My back is killing me. My neck is killing me. My arm is killing me. And i'm sun burnt to a crisp. All of these things worth it absolutely worth it to do what you love. It's been a rough year. I hope you guys are doing what you love to love as well like if i don't know what what you're into maybe you're into disk golf. Get out there and do it man. Just get out there. I'm gonna tell you something like halfway through the game. Take off that mask. It's totally fine like we started playing softball with our masks but then we were like this is ridiculous. We took the mask off was too hot for that. Share and then You know I've been faxed. Have you been back. St- write me and tell me if you've been faxed samir photo of your vacs man some audio clip. I when you say oh joke. Skies jokes are at. I'm totally caffeinated and kind of have. Adhd so what are we doing here. I want thank Everyone who called the show over the weekend will publish some of those calls. I appreciate hearing from you. Thank you so much Also wanna show some appreciation. I want to show appreciation to a new patron named sharon. Roth sharon roth joined the patriots that sherman roster and brought the so cool sharon row joined the patriots. Maybe draw That was the worst. Rhyme ever made no sense whatsoever but who cares. I mean we're just trying to feel good around here right trying to show sharon roth some love. Sharon roth please enjoy all of the extra weird af related content that lies within the gates of the patriot on. What are you talking about. I'm talking about bonus. Episodes jones album several mp threes of songs. That are terrible. That jones wrote about the show is actually a lot of cool stuff in the patriot that you can unlock by joining so for as little as two dollars a month which is like buying jones e. a third of a cup of coffee in los angeles. So you get with it support. The show joined the patriots much money not much at all for a daily weird new show. I mean come on guys. Rela am i got you get your steamy will thermocouple bucks man like hook it row. I've gotta get some weed man. What do you think that shot grows on..

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