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I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Police in the Netherlands and a neighboring Germany are on high alert for signs of a gunman suspected of shooting three people to death and wounding nine others on a tram. And the Dutch city of you tracked. Correspondent Vicki Barker is at the foreign desk. Armed Dutch anti-terror police quickly surrounded the scene where a body covered by a tarpaulin lay next to the stopped. Tram Dutch prime Minister, Mark richer through an interpreter. Speaking for a nation initial reports gave rise to him mixture of disbelief and horror violences hit innocent people. Some reports suggest the gunman had Jihadist links other speak of a family dispute, whatever his motives, a major manhunt just now underway for the Thirty-seven-year-old. Turkish born suspect. Vicki Barker CBS news at the foreign desk in London as loved ones. Get ready to bury the victims of the mosque shootings in new Zealand Prime Minister, Justin to Artem says gun law reforms will be announced in ten days. Is still some detail that needs to be worked through I want to do that. But still move as quickly as we can. She says her cabinet agrees on tougher laws in principle a gun. Shop owner in Christ Church says it sold the suspected gunman has weapons online legally after proper background checks Meghan McCain is responding to President Trump's tweets critical of her late father. Senator John McCain and reports he shared a dossier about the president's alleged ties to Russia. I just thought your life is spent on your weekends. Not with your family, not with your friends, but obsessing obsessing over great menu could never live up to on ABC's. The view McCain calls her father, the president's kryptonite in life and in death, roads and bridges have washed away and historic flooding in the midwest. At least two people have died about three hundred have been rescued CBS's. Demarco Morgan is an elk horn Nebraska in homes are completely submerged. I was petrified. I didn't know how fast it coming up. Homeowner's the elk horn river was shocked by the devastation every piece of furniture,.

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