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Four seven on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart speaker users just a play WGN radio on tune in the news is sponsored well by your imagination is five oh tear here the top stories of Daschle and we have cloudy skies and sixty eight oh here Iran's foreign minister denies U. S. accusations that around launched a massive drone attack against to Saudi oil facilities yesterday mark stone with our partners at Sky News reports from Jerusalem the attack could have an impact on global oil supplies to Saudi oil minister has now confirmed reports that the loss at all for as it was consequence of this attack it is at five point seven million barrels a day which is about hall of Saudi Arabia's production a normal production of Pat day at Saudi Arabia accounts for about ten percent of global oil production which means that it's down five percent as a consequence of these attacks Iran's foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed America's accusation that it was behind the attacks on the oil infrastructure around says the accusation is part of a US policy of what is called the maximum Weiss and statement from our boss Musavi making that statement earlier today the family about a hundred of water with Callie met city visited the six oh six trail yesterday handing out fliers hoping someone will remember something that will help Chicago police find out who shot and killed their son in may so without Salvador Aguada wants justice for his son was businessman really hard last month hard which is one oh who actually did this to my son and they'll give us more comfort hunter Aguada was walking with two friends late at night when all three were shot three people were seen on security video running from the scene forecasters expect tropical storm Alberto to strengthen into a hurricane today is it stays well offshore Florida's east coast the U. S. national hurricane center says when Beltre was continuing to travel away from the Bahamas which was decimated by hurricane Dorian only two weeks ago authorities also expect the storm to hit north northeast away from the U. S. Sunday or Monday Illinois residents have been able to collect more than fifteen million dollars from lost or unclaimed life insurance policies this year with the help of the department of justice the Illinois department of insurance director Robert Muriel says about twenty five percent of insurance policies aren't paid to beneficiaries because family members are unaware of the coverage or don't have the necessary paperwork well checks sports traffic and weather next on WGN. told twenty four seven seven twenty WGN. news from sprint the wait is finally over the new Samsung galaxy note ten with the powerful aspen has arrived and you can get it for fifty percent off of this reflects please that's right get the power of performance and productivity in the galaxy note.

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