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Well let's fires wildfires continue to burn around the state government. Jared Oles announced a statewide fire ban for thirty days this on Tuesday seventy eight now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios working on piece by saget Hindi out of the Denver Post. Open fires will be banned statewide for thirty days and key to this entire conversation is will be because the exact date hasn't the mandate hasn't come down yet. Colorado Governor Jared police announced this on Tuesday as those four large wildfires continued spread pull a said Tuesday I'm asking all Colorado wins to be extra careful about fire safety right now given the fact that Colorado is exceptionally dry and exceptionally hot now as of yesterday at four twenty six. PM. The ban had not yet been issued but when it is issued, it will prohibit open fires such as campfires and fireworks. It'll still allow for approved closed fires like campstove or home barbecues govern did noted at a news conference that three of the four. Wildfires and of course, the wildfires that are currently burning pine Gulch Grizzly Creek Cameron peak and Williams fork that crews are currently battling. Well, three of those fires were likely caused by people the Pine Gulch fire was sparked by lightning back on July thirty first. So pull US urged all of us to take precautions very seriously one cigarette or fireworks can spark fires that can spread across thousands of acres and caused closures such as that on I seventy that's already interrupting the supply chain and could cost the economy millions of dollars every single county. Across the state except for three already had some sort of prohibition place some more extreme than the statewide one but said police, this will bring the clarity of message to all of us that are trying to cope with well so many conflicting guidelines and regulations particularly when it comes to a covert nineteen. But now we need to factor into the equation that the fire danger very, very high throughout the state. He added that fires often spread across counties and jurisdictions. So the aim of course is to reduce everyone's risk adding. Now's not the time to party. Okay maybe now's not the time to have campfires. Open fires are just toss a cigarette Willy Nilly we add to that. Now is not the time to have campfires or fireworks this. As the pine, Gulch fire turns into a monster growing to one hundred, twenty, five, thousand, two, hundred, and fifty, two, eight acres literally exploding early yesterday morning growing forty, two percent in size. It now stands as the second largest wildfire in Colorado's recorded history prompting. Evacuations were confirmed piece by Saab Sam Tabachnyk out of the Denver. Post. The fire grew from eighty seven, thousand, seven, hundred and seventy eight acres. That's about one hundred thirty, six square miles when it was measured Tuesday evening to one, hundred, twenty, five, thousand, one, hundred and eight acres or one hundred and ninety five square miles by Wednesday morning, and it only increased in size by one hundred. And forty four acres during the day. Wednesday during which time firefighters did indeed increase containment from seven to fourteen percent officials saying the one hundred and twenty, five, thousand, two, hundred, and fifty, two, acre fire it's not going to get smaller anytime soon, pine Gulch of course as you're aware one of the four major wildfires burning across the state as hot temperatures of low relative humidity humidity drought conditions have. Melted to create a pretty ripe environment for fire growth. Part, of a twenty year cycle of dryness in the region that has led to more expansive wildfires and clothing all ten of the largest fires in the states recorded history. Now Pine Bulges expansion I've a friend that lives in the Grand Junction area reached out to him yesterday and said, how are you doing with all this? Well where he is his community there appears to be an area that fire Precautions have already taken place. You know we talk about the fact that you need to clear if you live in a fire prone community, you need to or fire prone area I should say that you need to take those preventative steps and he set fortunately at this point in time his home is fine and and he is safe and that was good news to hear because so many are being evacuated bind golf says expansion. Continued Wednesday to the West leading to evacuation orders. Pre evacuation notices for those rural residents tucked between the fire and the Utah border, as well as the closure of multiple multiple county roads strong outflow winds from thunderstorms late Tuesday or early Wednesday 'cause winds up to forty miles per hour. Over seven hour over several hours, creating extreme and radic fire behavior causing significant growth meanwhile. The Cameron peak fire grows past fifteen, thousand, seven, hundred acres and investigators are looking for some answers. There's now more than five hundred people working that Cameron, peak fire in the Roosevelt. National. Forest we'll get all the details in just a few seven fifteen now thirteen ten k. f. k. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd or on northern Colorado's choice thirteen, ten Kfi a cut your Colorado rockies later today and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten K.. K.. Well as we continue to keep you apprised praised of the situation when it comes to those wildfires burning across the state that Cameron peak fire. On past as you've heard it, our news, fifteen, thousand, seven hundred acres and investigators well, they want some answers as to how that fire may have started seven twenty two now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with. From the collision specialists studios working on piece by Max Levy Prairie. Mountain media via the Loveland reporter perild firefighters.

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