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Route and just really kick off the holiday spirit and it's really the town is incredible Paul and her sisters were coming back to the town they grew up in to help give back you know I get to be with here for different reasons reason these makes me feel really really in north reading Kevin Coleman WBZ Boston's news radio two thirty seven lawn WBZ Gardner man facing charges after arming himself and refusing to leave the building peacefully Saturday night officers responding to one sixty eight Parker street for a domestic disturbance police removed two parties involved to a safer location they say Lin wood Fisher barricaded himself in his apartment several witnesses confirming the Fisher was armed with a shotgun it did not respond to police requests of US senators wants to repeal the law they believe unfairly penalizes the widows of members of the military Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine democratic senator Joe Jones of Alabama introducing the proposal call the military widows tax elimination act the senators say the proposal would take away a law that stops tens of thousands of surviving military spouses for receiving full survivor benefits from the department of defense and Veterans Affairs Colin says more than two hundred sixty of those spouses are located in her state of Maine two thirty eight WBZ time now for a weekend edition of Bloomberg business a significant milestone for way mows pioneering robo taxi service given more than one hundred thousand trips and their robo taxis David Naughton wrote the story for Bloomberg news away Morrow is owned by alphabet ankh which is formally known as Google in fact way most started its life as the Google self driving car project decade ago right now the pilot program operates in Chandler Arizona with fifteen hundred monthly users we've learned a few different things one is that the majority of these rides happen in the late afternoon or evening and there for a variety of uses going to work school but a common use he said is to have a date night but there are lots of questions about a wider rollout way most CEO who said he's on shore when commercial Wrobel taxis will take off and Ford CEO who said the industry over estimated the arrival of self driving cars on Charlie public Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio two thirty nine WBZ Wilczek sports next if your hair loss is finally bothering you enough to do something about it I've got a really great news for you if you ever wanted a hair transplant and thought it was too expensive listen up Dr.

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