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Do something you know. He sees similar. He's in that role of Where he just needs something. Big tap needs to be more consistent. Camacho joining us in about ten minutes discussing you fight night. What were they on now. forty one. Eighty nine seating one eighty nine if you're using the finite series On espn plus. It was the forty seventh card. Whatever continuing on here just around main card. Gregory rodriguez defeated deuce go toward Unanimous decision their montana dela rosa gets a finnish a well-deserved finish against ariane lipsky. That was the main card right there either. Tv defeated tanner buzzer You know the tv's tough latifi. Stop i thought bose was gonna get going into round three. We knew the winner of that round was pretty much gonna win the fight and the tv when he needed to do. And that's basically you know. He had the appling advantage on. The fee held his only closer but i thought they just want five minutes in round three bows. We're gonna win the round invite let. Tv's anonymous and let that He got the fight to the Kept it on the ground. And that was that he wins. i don't i still wish he was born a tool five or both will mytalk right You know you gotta check he progresses that. I don't think there's really much more to say about that. Looped loop off defeated francisco toronto unanimous decision there all the showing some age of Defeated mach one amir khani. Americana cost me. Some money goes put me in oils jason all night. I thought he was the one by the way. I thought he won. Rounds one and three but what are you gonna do. Connie as style where he likes to steal rounds and that the you know but it's effective but i dunno. I thought i thought he should have won. The invite. the judge has got it wrong by but if fell into that window of what. You're gonna do allen. Patrick defeated jones maneuverable. More maher defeated tablet Sean woodson defeated allow cloudy allies defeated jordan levitt the bonuses land to positive navio like mentioned earlier tonight decay. Jersey roses struck Big performances of the night. If decays while they were at the apex there was no a gate or grout starting to see some more heads there all right. Our guest is a little bit early. So let's get to him. Give since we're going to set it up the crank camacho is gonna join us. Each fighting matt steam roll up at uc to sixty three. This saturday it a paper view so check out. The countdown emmy junkie. Check out the embedded. They'll be dropping all week. We got you covered. It's a big. It's not just your seatbelt for npfl. We're going to set up. Frank camacho much. Are you guys good money. Yeah good morning warning. Where are you. I'm in irvine right now. You're talking. I thought you might be getting ready to board a plane or something but it is it morning. We're we're. we're both on the pacific time zone. We're in vegas. Your nerves were originally from santa ana california neighboring city of irvine. Right down your oh. I can't wait to come back because there's really good taco spot in santa ana show. I'm gonna go check it out after the fight they're all we heard loving it in. Yeah there's a lot of great mexican food is in china. Which is the one you're going to do does it. do you remember. It's called on Tacos manuel.

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