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Good evening. Thanks for joining us tonight a deadly lovers. Triangle jealous ex-boyfriend and on alleged border for hire scheme. The tangled web of loved suspicion and loss. Here's ABC's Ryan Smith. I had always wanted since I was a little kid. I'd see these older couples dancing. Every step was perfect Rachelle. Schettino was looking for the perfect partner. And dance end in life. And she thought she found him in Lubbock, Texas. Dr Joseph Sonya was newly single after his wife of twenty seven years left him for another man when they got divorced. It was a shock to him. Then in the summer of two thousand eleven he met Rachelle Schettino. She's blonde. She's tall sports. She was stunning. I think that they were very much enjoying each other. So he was smitten. He was. Soon. He took her to visit his grandchildren in Los Angeles. Then to Paris that tradition is you write your names on the box. And you put it on the bridge. And you throw the key into the San river, and that locks in the moment forever. But for shell and Joseph forever would only be a matter of weeks on a sweltering Wednesday in July of two thousand twelve a landscaper discovered. Dr Sonia's body he had been shot and stabbed. Zach Johnson a homicide detective with the Lubbock police headed to the scene. There was artwork in the home. They're very expensive pieces of furniture. Nothing was taken we were dealing with something a hit, you know of sorts and somebody had come to this house and to kill this person. Specifically Sonya children were devastated. Their mother had been murdered two years before by the man, she left their father 'fore he then committed suicide and now they're father violently killed to the authorities. Immediately. Brought in Rochelle for questioning. How would you describe your doctor's on slow? He's detectives wondered if someone shells past could have done this out of jealousy. There could be somebody that you think we we need to look at a couple of people through Thomas, Michael Dixon at six thirteen. Rachelle Schettino and Mike Dixon had dated for about a year and a half. So he wanted you to see him on the side. Basically he wanted me to come back to I told him though. Eager to question. Dr Dixon detective Johnson drive, two hours to Amarillo Texas, secretly recording him. Hi, I'm hate to come book and Easterhouse and all hours of the night..

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