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Are you talking about? Do I like it as color analyst for the things I know you like it because it was a dung decision, right? No, I loved it at color analyst in Tennessee tight, just looking at it as a neutral observer. You know basically what you do, and you gotta look at it to wait. First of all, you know, you know generally what you would do you take what's given and then you make the Tennessee Titans drive the field and and have to score a touchdown and have to make a two point conversion. Okay, That's what you do. Romeo Crennel has taken over a franchise that clearly was having issues won their first ballgame. He's an interim head coach. This what he's trying to do is inject some life into his team. He was he had made a great comeback on the road against the division opponent. That was for no. One time and his thinking was if I score two points here. If I close them out. It's a nine point lead. They've got no chance to win it. So I understand both sides of it. But just as a neutral observer, if you put it on a neutral plane, leave everything else out of it. You, you, you kick it and then make your opponent drive the field with not a lot of time left to be able to score the touchdown and scored two point place. Dave McGinnis always appreciate you be safe. You be well. Zach. Thank you very much. There's Dave McGinnis. Good stuff on the Tennessee Titans perspective will break here will continue to update you on Chiefs and buffalo, and when we come on back, we do have a news brief But first upto update us with all the latest going on the world of sports. We get to Bob useless. Sports flash that Game one of two on the Monday night schedule chiefs and Bills playing on a very rainy night in Orchard Park, New York, the wet track, doing nothing to slow down the sensational rookie running back. Flight. Edwards. Your Lair didn't slow down the bills on their last drive. They covered 75 yards to make this a game. It's 23 to 17. Kansas City is leading Buffalo with 5 45 to go in the fourth quarter. Cold, easily hauling in the touchdown moments ago. From Josh Allen. Couple of touchdown passes from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Chelsea mentioned Edwards a lair 169 yards on the ground. Close game. No 23 17 Kansas City, 5 23 to go In the regularly scheduled Monday night game. Cardinals play Dallas Homecoming for Kyla Murray six to know inside that stadium one big 12 title for Oklahoma there and.

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