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Great garden plants and all kinds of shrubs and a plethora whether you're looking for desert plants tropicals or just something kinda fun. Let's see back to the phones Brian and Mesa. Good morning. Brian. Good morning, sir. How're you wonderful? Great. I've got a question. I've got some free started pepper plants are anywhere between twelve and eighteen inches tall. I was wondering what size of a pot to transplant them into what? Brian are you going to put these into the ground in the spring and growing for years to come? You want to keep them in a pot for a long time. We're going to keep them in a pot for long time. So what I would do within put him into like a fifteen gallon container or the equivalent thereof. You know, which is a part that's going to be probably sixteen to eighteen inches in diameter, and at least a foot or more deep, and if you're going to keep them for a long time, Brian what I would do is when I mix the soil to grow the in. I would use about one third native soil or like a sandy loam with two-thirds commercial potting soil, and what that's going to allow you to water them less and maintain them longer to container the fun part about peppers as you might keep them in those containers for three or four years. You know, they're not like it tomato plant. They won't really expire. And you can keep them for a long time. Yeah. Because I was Ronald that was about six feet tall. Yeah. There's a lot of the Philippines and different ones. You can keep for a long time. So do incorporate some native soil or some sandy loam to retain more moisture and help hold your nutrients and have fun. Okay. Great. Thank you very much. Thanks, brian. Bye. Bye. Barbara timpee. Good morning, barb. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I just have two quick questions. Okay. I've been looking for stock scenes, you know, the flowers stocks. Nope. They stop selling those in the whole state. Oh, I don't know Barbara, and I wouldn't call my nursery and Glendale today because it's going to be kind of crazy. But if you would tell you what you can do if you live in Tempe. Yeah. Send an Email, and I will check with Karen, and John the ones that propagate all of our flowers, and actually we have a young man that works from his peregrine vol from ball seed company. Family owns it and peregrine ball will absolutely have the answer for me. Okay. I will find out for sure for you on Monday. Or if you want to call the nursery on Monday and ask for peregrine peregrine knows more about seeds anybody in the state of Arizona. Okay. I'll give you a call on Monday. And then in Tempe, I'm gonna put you on hold for. In fact, I give you a paragraph number out there. Okay. Cool. Appreciate all the calls for acquainting, Carol. I'll take you off the air. We're kind of out of time. We've got the music starting to remind everyone.

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