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You know, by the time they're on the fourth or fifth date, the person discovers that. Oh, wait a minute. You're not actually That actually a clone of Bernie Sanders. You actually have a maga hat in your closet, but they did what they had to do to get the date and it's something that's interesting that people were actually pretending to be, you know, woke and lefty and liberal and all that stuff. I have a larger question beyond that, which is first of all is this ever happened to you? Is anyone ever lied about their politics just to win your heart and when your favor and then you find out the truth afterwards that you no problem. It also do you go out of your way to hide who you are? Hide what your beliefs are because you know that it might be controversial. That might be a problem. And you're You're hoping that maybe, you know, once somebody gets to know you, you know you can ease into that right? Or do you lead with it? Or do you prefer to step up there? Obviously, I'm talking to single people. Or if you have recently found love and you had to do with this, or do you just lead with that? You say Listen, This is who I am. This is what I believe. These are my politics, you know, take it or leave it. It certainly is the healthiest way to go. But it also could be the most fragile way to go. Sometimes when you're talking about something as sensitive and emotionally vulnerable as put yourself out there in the dating world, I'm just curious what it's like out there. It's been It's been several years inside to deal with it. But tell me triple 86 32 b M. L. Judy in Pasadena. Duty. You're on WM E. Oh, hi. Well, this happened to me A. I was in this situation, but it was way back in the mid eighties, when the politics weren't it's fraught as they are now, But still I was living in Washington, D C and the vast majority of people. There were leftists or liberals and I was conservative and I was almost 40 and I was divorced, and I was a stranger to Washington pretty much And I wanted to meet somebody, but I wanted a relationship. So at that time people used to advertise in the Washingtonian magazine, right? The in search ups. Yes, the person. Yes, right. So you know, I thought about that, and I thought, Well, I don't want a relationship with somebody who isn't conservative. So I put that very first in the ad. That always conservative and I got these great responses. I met my husband that way. I have to go out with 25 guys before I met him, But they were all conservative, and most of them were very interesting and nice. And did you say this is in the nineties eighties in the 80? That's it was during the Reagan era. Okay, back. Yes. In the Reagan era, Okay, but that's great, though, Judy, and so So your recommendation. Your advice is just lead with it. Put it out there. Yeah. If you just wanna date to go to bed with you.

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