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Your your desire to show a moral face to your child, right? I'm not a cheater and I would never want my daughter to see this or hear about this and think maybe mommy cheated. And as soon as you have children, you cross the threshold and wanting to start being a better person and create a better world for them in that moment, jumped out at me and she's loud Alexis to be so much a part of her public presentation in the year since she was born, she's in the commercials, she's all over Instagram. So she's super proud of being a mother. And so you Carlos are calling her a cheater, right, and her integrity in her character are on the line ear, and let's be clear. Serena Williams has been at the top of the game for like a decade in a half. She understands the game better than most of the coaches. Certainly all of the other players because she's thirty seven coming off of a. Very difficult childbirth along long year and she's still about to win the US open to all the people who tweeted at me saying, well, this is about Serena getting mad because she knew she was going to lose that shows no understanding of Serena or tennis at all because she got beat up in the first set. But in the second says, she was doing what she always does wipe away. The first set come hard in the second set they were on equal footing. There's no reason why she couldn't have taken that second set. If Carlos is around the game, the umpires so much. He should know she less than anybody's taking coaching. I've been playing tennis for forty years. I don't know what this means right, and at other levels of the game outside the grand slams and we're talking about lowering the players to be coached. So why we're taking this ticky tack mood. I mean, like at that rate, anytime the coach goes, come on, that's coaching. What are we talking about? It's also pretty clear from some of the writings where folks have complained about the fact that this rule is not enforced very often. Right? So there are hardliners who think this. Rule is important, and there are those who think it's got to go, but either way there people were complaining about it not being enforced, and even all the examples that people pulling up about Carlos Ramos being such a stickler for the rules do not seem to have this particular problem except maybe he will give a warning once or twice a twenty seconds. We also see this with the NFL and politicians wanted to put those players sort of back in some kind of box like you didn't. You don't get to act this. Well, you know, the unpire has never been in the situation that Serena, and they only are in an incredibly emotional situation. The whole world is watching. You need to have more selflessness and more humility to not insert yourself into the game. I'm insulted because she called me a thief. She didn't curse it you. She didn't impede your ability to do this job and continue going on. You need to let her have that moment and continue on. Well, it's important and I couldn't think to better people to talk us through it and having gone through the seriousness. I do want to end on a lighter note to Ray always says to me, you know, love means nothing to a tennis player. Joke, come in twenty minutes ago. I know you like my bad jokes..

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