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Have to. I feel attacked Sam. Thank you guys. Get into the three things you need to know kicking off the weekend. We've lots going on Katy Perry I'm going to wake her up at seven. GonNa call her up player song never worn white which I love also we've got the twix cookies and cream. Free money phone tap worth a thousand dollars. Also Dr Oz will be calling us to talk about. Well, you know what Carolina Washing your hands your pretty simple. We WanNa make sure that he reminds me. He reminded me yesterday. Hey, I wanNA make sure not panicking over this thing because that's too far, but we need to be smart. Okay, Doctor AUSE teaches us how to be smart later this morning all right? The things Gandhi well. Let's talk about the corona virus that least thirty five people quarantine on a cruise ship off of the California coast have the coronavirus. This ship has been blocked from docking in San Francisco. After a passenger died from the respiratory illness. After cruising to Mexico, there are more than three. Three thousand passengers on that ship right now all of them will be tested. Results could come back as early as today. The US death toll now at fourteen. Joe Biden is pulling away from Bernie Sanders in the democratic, presidential primary race, a new poll shows Biden with forty five percent support giving him a thirteen point advantage winning ten of the fourteen states voted on in Super Tuesday and good news for Danielle and hearts. Experts are saying that replacing a small amount of butter, margarine or Mayo with olive oil can give you a seven percent decrease in getting an artery disease I do males not good for you. Okay. I believe you and that's just if it's a like a small amount like five people who use even more olive oil, instead of those things could reduce their risk by twenty one percent so Danielle. You'll be in a better place when people stop cooking with male. Thank you. Up At night. I wanted to baked potato I was craving. I just use olive oil rather than butter. Awesome. Okay got to be a good olive oil. All right Daniel mayonnaise. Zone..

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