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I can't quite remember what the but we called the new nor new nafta new nafta okay. That's the easy way i think i i thought there was another title that involved <hes> parts of the names of the countries involved or or something but <hes> <hes> but i could be wrong about that <hes> anyway <hes> so china is <hes> china. Maybe blinking here. I on the the other hand and they were i. I i heard some rhetoric just on the c._b._s. News reporting in the last hour or so indicating that china's still using fairly tough rhetoric and and talking about the united states <hes> you know may end up eating his words in that kind of thing so i don't know i mean i mean like i said who knows tomorrow tomorrow morning but china says that but i don't think they would come out and even make the initial statement. They weren't having some trouble but you know how president trump is. He's he's relentless. He'll probably come back at them. That that is true. Here is mutual co take our i think if that's an kotecha an economist at toronto dominion bank saying the bloomberg news the gloves are coming on both sides and as such you one in <hes> depreciation is an obvious cushion against u._s. tariffs and and and and that's that is an interesting strategy that china's really putting its currency holiday table oh yeah and the yuan slipped to the dollar and <hes> and then of course treasury department designated china as a currency manipulator which is a big formal step you know and then they'll work with the international monetary fund to go after unfair <hes> advantages including probably filing in the the world trade organization this is this is a big deal. I mean i've never seen it like this. Never gotten to this point because normally china just ignores and i and move we move on yeah. They kind of do what they want and but maybe there's maybe there's some cracking in the armor here. Hey meanwhile also on the economic front we have this g seven summit going on in france and a surprise visitor. Yes java the wreath. The foreign foreign minister of iran showed up at the invitation. We believe that the president of france and president trump had no comment now think about that for a second no comment comment so i think that basically indicates first of all the reef was invited because all of europe is for the iran nuclear deal and that's their way of showing showing that therefore the iran nuclear deal. They're not gonna pay attention to us. I mean a little bit of almost like a little bit of <hes>. It's kind of in your face. Isn't it the president trump from propel from the europeans yes. It's more in a honestly this more in the face of john bolton. I think john bolton the national security adviser. Its way up way more upset than than president trump. I really do on this because bolton hates iran in wants to nuke them but <hes> it's in your face but you macron must've said something privately to trump because when's the last time you saw president trump say no comment that was an and in fact i think he's i think he's been out with comment in the last couple of hours of about indicating that he doesn't believe there's any disrespect disrespected coming from a macro on right so i think that i think they had a chat and i think possibly this is hypothetical. Pure conjecture from me. Possibly trumpet macron have talked about that see if there's a way france can kind of bring the two countries together whether iran and america you know on a on a nuke deal and again <hes> president trump has tended to be his entire personal life against foreign intervention and he campaigned that way is president and then this conflict came up but i do think that his national security adviser manipulated this entire the thing from day one and and convinced the president trump that if he went toughest possible against the iranians all the way after their jugular they would reciprocate like kim jong hoon did and and they won't <hes> iran's no picnic government believe me but i'm just saying it was the wrong approach and i think now president trump realizes is maybe that was the.

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