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Every time he hadn't been to sleep in a month every single time. And how do you think that went over brick at all never went over. Well yeah and again again. If you're out there wanting to have success you've gotta prepare so coach Belichick has to prepare for his team's meetings just like he expects his players to prepare now. Matthew Slater has a shared love of the game and a devotion to his faith. Just Father Jackie slater chose to pass on more within just his love of football to his son because Jackie chose also pass on his deep Christian faith to Matthew. Although Jackie and his son share connection to the game of football they share a deeper deeper connection to their shared faith and everything. I've read about these guys every video. I've seen every audio clip. I've watched these guys really really really really really do. They have a huge faith in Christ but they also believe in themselves. They have faith in the system. That's why he was on the team for for twenty years. Jackie was on the same team for twenty. Matthew's been on the same team for now. This is thirteen years homeys. That's crazy. seven pro all selections and two Super Bowl Championships. There's a lot of fruit there and Matthews career throughout Matthews career. He's been selected to be on the all pro bowl team seven times times. He's been a big part of two super bowl championships. Matthew much like many of the all time Patriot great players before him is universally known as being player and person who plays as the game quote unquote the Patriot Way. meaning that he always knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Although the Patriots have many great players on their roster each in every year it would be difficult to find another player who was more respected on the roster than Matthew Slater the game changing factor in Super Bowl. Fifty three three a lot of people don't know this but during the Super Bowl fifty three matthew slater always seem to have just that that kind of the ability to kind of just kind of get in the right place place at the right time and throughout the Game Matthew Slater was able to down punts for Punter Ryan Allen which always seemed to put the Los Angeles Rams in a back against the wall situation. Dr Brett can you explain what that means when the Patriots have to punt the ball because they haven't advanced the ball enough to they haven't got I down and now we have to kick the ball to the other guy. Can you explain what it feels like to play with your back against the wall where your pin down right there in your own zone on your own one yard line or five years. Ideally if The returner doesn't catch the ball One of the things that you can do as the team kicking it is To get get to the ball and you want to get that ball as close to the opposite end zone as possible. It's like the one yard line within the five yard line is always beneficial because now that team that's about to take over. An offense has to go ninety five yards in order to score for Versus if the guy returns the punt say he catches it on the ten yard line and he runs twenty yards ahead now. They're at the thirty yard line. And so they we only have seventy yards to go instead of ninety five. Now Talk to me about how it feels when you're a quarterback or an author flags you were receiver at the terrible place to be to start at your one yard line wife wife well for one you have your back against a A pervert wall anyway The end zone is not a place that you want to be holding the ball while when you're trying to go the opposite direction Because if you get tackled in that end zone than the opposite team gets two points. It's called a safety safety and So Oh you know win. You're starting at the one yard line. You are automatically in the end zone standing and your line has their line is coming with full force because because this is their one shot if you if you make yardage now you're you're a little bit further advanced. How does there what does it? How does it feel when you're down there? How does it feel when you're down there? It feels awful. Yeah I mean I got nowhere to go. It's very stressful. You've got the crowd just screaming crazy. You've got all the defensive you know if they're going to show a blitz it's coming And they're I'm gonNA bring as many as they can as long as they can still keep some coverage So yeah you may have six seven Beasley men coming right at you as a quarterback With one one goal in mind and that is to hammer you with all force possible And bring you down in the end zone now. Jason explained to the listeners out. There who maybe aren't familiar with this. How important important is it to fold towels elephant in the room? People would assume that it's not but it's extremely important. We do it every thirty minutes. And who's the Best Tau folder. You've ever oversee Oh man Mark Miranda just folds the towel so fast I so pretty. I don't know how he does it. Mark Miranda's jobless yeah. He'll literally just like he'll pull one Out and then do like this little whip thing and it's perfectly folded in threes and just ready to go. How valuable is it to have a guy like that on the team extremely valuable? Why because we use those towels for every single service each stylus have like a back stock of tin ready to go for each customer? We have to have them in the shampoo room. It's part of the whole experience. And if we ever run out it's like pulling the emergency brake on like a train. Everybody's just like they lose their momentum. Were freaking out. We can't do our job. We're losing a crucial service like it's as dumb as minuscule as it seems. It's a very big detail. Okay so what happens Dr Brick in you have a guy like matthew slater not on your team and your team. mm-hmm always lets. The other team gained twenty yards on every punt return. What happened Well your opportunities for success goes down. So yeah I mean the other team has that chance They're sitting in a much more comfortable position. The quarterback can perform with less stress And so Yeah you're you're always in your never in that really good good position where now your team has the greater odds of success. What happens if you don't have a guy like matthew slater in your in your locker room or or in your office? What happens to your office culture? If you've got super talented people that are negative. What happens well again? You go back to that tone and I think tone and attitude or so crucial in any business. It doesn't matter what industry you're in But yeah a guy like Matthew slater brings the right tone. brings as a positive tone and maturity Like I said the character. And he's a person that even if you don't agree with everything he says or what he believes gives you can respect him and because he's doing it in practice he's consistent And so it's Day in and day out. It's not just for the cameras. It's not just as for the showtime of the game He's doing this on a regular everyday basis and he's done it not only consistently daily but over a long period of time for twelve years He's been doing this and So that's a huge part of what allows your team to be successful Is Setting that proper tone and then again just having the the right tone on a consistent basis so that your customers are getting a consistent service or consistent product customer service is so crucial and You want your customers to have the best experience. You've got to set the right down. So let's talk about this Antonio Brown on was signed by the Patriots. He lasted a week He's the player who famously Wrong wouldn't play for the Wouldn't play for the raiders. Because he didn't like his helmet didn't like his shoes Didn't like The practice he didn't like contract so it wouldn't play for the steelers didn't like his. He apparently had a cryotherapy says he frost bit his feet didn't like his helmet. That picture was nasty. He didn't like his feet didn't like his helmet. Didn't like the practice routine. Didn't like the tone of the general manager. Didn't WanNa play on the steelers. I didn't like the rule about staying off the social media Didn't like the fact that you can't text the harassing text messages. Didn't like a lot of things so the Patriots kept him on the team for like seven days. What happens in a culture jason of even one negative person one negative person that negative person can start to spread like a weed or rather like a wildfire very fast? Give me an example from from your time. Managing dough mention the person's name. Now put them on blast billion listeners. Now but tell me about. Tell me about what happens when there's one negative a person and let's say the downtown shop when you work there you go What what what? What kind of? How does that manifest itself? Well it starts out with that one person having a bad day and you know they come in and you can. You may be having like a really good morning. Your spirits or super high. The teams are super high. Then that one person comes huffing and puffing and the whole thing is they want you to ask them what's throng second unload their entire clip and shoot. Bullets will eventually as you do that. You start to break down that positively that everybody else has built up and that person's negative attitude attitude spreads to the next person right next to him and that spreads to the next person but then at the same time as each person gets more progressively pissed. They're gonNA start venting to the customers so we've made an awkward word uncomfortable experience for the customer itself and then that gets up to management a management can real management can sense that. There's something wrong so I start asking the employees the employees as a freaking out and then they're overwhelmed because they're like dear God. I've got eight people's fractured psyche. To Take care of right now and usually usually employs will say. I don't WanNA throw anybody under the bus US right and I don't want to you know but and he customer usually I don't I don't WanNa throw some into the bus but the person who came here today had kind of a bad attitude. You know maybe I'm asking you. This is only very actionable whenever I want everyone right now to take a moment sheet of paper and write down. Who is your Matthew Slater? Who is your character? Who is the person who is sets the standard for Work Ethic for diligence? Who is that person? And who is your Antonio Brown. Who is the person who super talented? You gave them a shot but they are a disaster of a person in our culture killer in brick by default every single time. When I go win to coach business they have Antonio Brown on their teams? Yeah a culture killer and I have to find him well and it's it's really hard. I had an example given to me years and years ago It was at a church camp. And we were in a cabin with bunks and We had our one of our strongest physically strongest Campers Campers up on the top bunk..

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