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Make us so on Axel I just didn't want you to be right so badly. Go Blind for this. Yes, so basically when you order things. Amazon, unless they are licensed through Amazon like the Lady Gaga makeup that is from Amazon Amazon. Brand name. Amazon. You're probably getting your honor. Counterfeit Mak- because it's being sold through seller, which means they could have just hadn't decided to sell. It got it was expired. They got go like a forty dollar Gucci purse like it's GonNa. Be like a fake. Yeah, it's fake. They have it with me to accept. You're putting your like wet or facility. I mean your. I is orifices. See, so I am putting it on and I'm like this is burning. My I like this is. Like I'm putting it on I'm like why am I? Getting sleepy like this can't be good like emitting weird ass fumes and shit. I mean a good a good rule of thumb. If it's spelled wrong, it's probably not. So you can just looked at me like Oh, this is NPR Z. Disease. The NYQUIL and was like what it's like I don't know. There was a documentary on that flakes called broken, but it was a series and one of them was on counterfeit makeup, and this girl had ordered all these make pallets, and her eyes were like glued shut. She couldn't open like I. don't even know what the fuck they put in there. It's like grout. Yeah you, and then they just match the packaging. You're like Oh. This is the same thing but cheaper yeah yeah. Yeah the same thing. Yeah, so I'm probably going to get some kind of optical infection at some point, but it's worth it. and also the evolution of the vibe is also involving these blue light glass, says these are the glasses I talked on the show ages ago and as usual i. gave advice that I don't take myself take. And they stopped the blue light from your computer and I gotta say. Am I not spunky or than I've ever been? Got More Energy since I've been wearing them. Is this placebo factor I thought it was the eyeliner low. It's pure adderall. I used those cookie monster balls. Giving you the Energy No but I do I. Feel like by the time my screen time is literally like eight is embarrassing. I I. There's nothing will not admit about myself, but my screen time is embarrassing at this point and so wearing these has really helped, although the look is a little bit. Terrifying I. Do kind of look like a serial killer from the seventies I look like The club. I know you're more eighties zero. Yeah Yeah. I feel like I am doing the full. Shirley's monster vibes this point. When I emotional or wanted to I wanna like fake. My death I want to change everything about myself and I can't do that right now. Because everything is closed I, really wanted to get a bunch of tattoos. Tattoo borrowers are closed. So, the hair is happening the blue islanders happening and then I bought all the horse shirts on at eastern I moved onto the wolf. Ones thank God. The Tattoo shops were closed them. We just go back to that like we're really lucky that they're not open for your needs. I really want to get a giant shark. My forearm, yeah! But the way that you'd like to hoard thing. It's a good thing that we're not all the shark. US come back like an aquarium. So, this is a very roundabout circuitous way to get to the fact that so. This has been my vibe. I found out who I am. This is a this is my mugshot. Get used to the vintage. Wolves get used to the blue light. Glasses get used to the I. Don't think this is Karen Haircut. I feel like it's not full Karen. It's like Cara. It's like it's like extra. HOWDY UGLY! Bit bip. That's. Over the coyote ugly. Where's the coyote. Okay, so I was flirting with my instagram. Followers as I am wants to do. And I took a picture of myself, and my new look and I said. So, what do you guys think I look like like who do I look like ripe. This is actually building to something. Believe it or not. And you guys had hilarious fucking. Comebacks! Is that what you can call it? Someone said I looked like Miss Briggs from I carly. I. Don't know that I think there's a Hilarious I. Don't know who? One wrote in parentheses. The person wrote. You're GONNA have to Google this. You don't know who it is. You guys know me so well. I appreciate that. valmont from Scooby Doo. Hot Take I. The orange. Yes, that's the smart one with the glasses. We love that the Janet from Three's company. From you! Don't let you don't know three's company, your? Company and come in to wait till you JEM and the holograms. That's ever wanted to know what that is. Oh, yeah, you looked at me and said Josie and the PUSSYCAT. PUSSYCAT dolls. Josie. One of the neighborhood wives from Edward scissorhands grave plus a plus a plus. Edward, Bo how dare you, and then someone's wrote art. How Art! How that's! That's that's really it. Though aren't because you're just like you're just a little bit more faith away from being a Gigolo. So I'm reading these I'm laughing I'm appreciating at an intense. You know couple weeks on the podcast in terms of. Our gas some what's going on in the world? And then some you guys writing all these hilarious things, and then someone writes. You look like a comedian who apparently doesn't make jokes anymore. T!.

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