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Has it's a rare with a very large master bedroom master bath with a soaking tab with this separate coroner shower it's scott hers and hers closets and we had a discussion about hirszon hurts closets whenever i am going and showing a proper day and that the topic of closets come up um one of one of the people usual we were saying wow look lukanov at closet space and they'll start to tease about how the other one is going to find another class it because they're taking it all and if it is the woman i'll say well i guess it's going to be hers and hers and if not um she may say oh no oh he's using much more closets than i am he's the closed source i said okay we'll call it his in his and uh it's just kind of fun so in my uh advertising i advertised hers and hers closets their two very big walkin closet this home and avalon each swiss just so very convenient to everything it's close to wake men's the new wagtmans it's close to lynn woods it's close to uh trader joe's it's close to the life bridge health center again a beautiful home that should be on the market before the week is over we still have to get air um are at photography done avalon eased again i mentioned it is a single family condominium with a firstfloor master bedroom it has a fully finished lower level with another three or four bedrooms it has a home office it has the family room the lower level has a full bath it has an entrance to the outside very rare is this type of home available if you're interested in an avalon home in the pikes bill owing smells area give me a call we'll have of photographs in the next couple of days and i'll be able to tell you more now give you an address and a price on it but if you're thinking about rightsizing from the great big hanson you don't want to go in two an apartment styled condominium here's an individual half it's a condo that has all your outside maintenance done for you that has swimming pool that has tending tennis courts as i said your own private garages and you have no exterior maintenance that's done for you like any other condo give me.

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